Worst Red Carpet Questions - Golden Power Trinket

Wednesday, February 24, 2016 02/24/2016 Views: 72

The Oscars are approaching, so Katy Colloton, Katie O'Brien and Alison Brie prepare their most awkward red carpet questions. (2:00)

Uh, it's time for our next game,Worst Red Carpet Questions.

Worst Red CarpetQuestions.

(charactery voice): The 88thAcademy Awards are this weekend,

and they're super important.

-Uh, we're gonna...-(laughter)

Everyone's very seriousat the 88th Academy Awards,

the most important thing goingon in the world this weekend.

Find out which whitewill walk away

with a golden power trinket.

The 88th Academy Awards!

Very, very fancy. But beforeHollywood's hungriest enter

the theater, they first haveto deal with the red carpet--

which, for the record,does not match the drapes--

where they will faceuncomfortable questions

in their uncomfortableevening attire

from uncomfortable-lookingreporters.

But we can make the Oscarsmore awkward,

so I would like you to give methe worst red carpet questions

you can think of in 60 seconds.And begin. Katy.

Who are you?

Yeah, points.

I-I get that a lot.Points. Uh, Katie.

Has fame filled the void?

The answer to that is no.Uh, Alison.

Will you give your agentmy script

for Paul Blart 3, Fart Detective?

Oh, wait a minute!

-There's yet to... -Why wasn't Paul Blart 2 Fart Detective?!

It was bound to be a trilogy!

-I would've watched that.-We've all been waiting!

Points. Uh, Katie O'Brien.

Who's wearing you?

Yes, points. Points.Alison Brie.

What's Macaulay Culkinreally like?

Yeah, points. Katie O'Brien.

Where does your dick fallon a scale of Shia LaBeouf

-to Jon Hamm?-Points.

-Ali. -Hey, uh,are those things the same size?

Like, I'm thinkin' this one'sa little bigger than that one.

-What you think? You-you agree?-Points.

-Katy. -Uh, what's your backupplan if acting doesn't work out?

All right, points.Katie O'Brien.

Do you have a date tonightor will you die alone?

-All right, points.-Um...

Like a bald man in a hospital,

staring at a sunset. Katy.

Has your facealways looked like that?

Yes, points. Perfect.