Exclusive - Fozzie Bear on @midnight

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 05/24/2016 Views: 2,983

After Helen Hunt is mistaken for Jodie Foster at a Starbucks, Fozzie Bear reveals the actor that baristas often confuse him with. (1:08)

It's timefor our live challenge,

As Good As It's Gonna Get.

Monday, Oscar-winning actressHelen Hunt swung by Starbucks

to pick up her "yoozh,"and she got the star treatment.

Unfortunately it was the wrongstar. As she tweeted:

"Ordered my drink @Starbucks

"Asked the baristaif she wanted my name.

She winked and said,'We gotcha.' #JodieFoster."

And sh... They didn't evenspell Jodie Foster's name right,

which is the other partthat stinks about that.

I don't know what's wrong.I don't know if baristas

have a worse literacy ratethan North Korea, as evidenced

by my last Starbucks visit,when I was given a chai latte

for someone named Chip Honkdick.

I'm sure this happens to allyou guys if you go to Starbucks,

so I would like youto reenact how a barista

gets your name wrongwhen you pick up your order.

Let's see what you came upwith. Fozzie bear.

Um, I've got an iced coffee for

Seth Rogen dressed likean old-timey hobo.

(cheering, applause)