Let's Make a Dealer - This Greasy Bastard

Tuesday, February 2, 2016 02/02/2016 Views: 253

Dominic Monaghan, Liza Treyger and Mamrie Hart describe ridiculous stock photos of drug dealers. (2:47)

It's time to playLet's Make A Dealer.

Let's Make A Dealer.

We know so much moreabout the dangers of narcotics

in this country since we startedwaging the war on drugs

45 years ago,though you wouldn't know

by the stock photos that areavailable if you search

for "drug dealers". So I'm gonnashow you and actual stock photo

we found, uh, when we put thesearch term "drug dealers".

For 250 points I want you toanswer a few questions

about this band of misfits.

First up, this greasy bastard.


There's nothing in here.

What else is on his rap sheet?Liza.

Performing magicwith his dick out.


He's gonna make it disappearright into you.

-Points. Mamrie.-That's optimistic.

Um, his crimeis being too cool for school,

aka he can'tgo anywhere near schools.

Yeah, points.Yeah, points.

All right, next one,this Macklemoron.

What is, uh...

What is the nameof this fellow's gang? Liza.

The Aryan Sisterhoodof the Traveling Pants.

Next up, these troubled teens.

These troubled teens.Oh.

HART:Oh, no.

What is the...what is the street term

for the drug he's selling?Mamrie.

Harry Powder.

Yes, points.

This is...This is what I imagine

a 14-year-old Courtney Lovewas like.

And then someone... But then shewas the one that took the...

Little taste of the Harry Powderwill get you under its spell.

I don't know--I suppose I could have just a...

Aah!Look at my (bleep) pussy!

Yeah.Like, it just immediately...

It just...


Uh, Liza.

Molly Ringwald.

Yes, points.Well done.

That was good.That was (bleep) good.


Overpriced Splenda.That's a...

That's a lot, as well,that's a lot in there.

Just giving her a cheapartificial sweetener.

Yes, points.

All right, finally,this dastardly son of a bitch.

Where's he straight outta?Dom.

Oh, yeah, uh, straightoutta the movie Scarf-face.

Yes, very well done.Points.

Very well done.