Marc Maron Predicts the Next Big Internet Meme

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 05/10/2016 Views: 596

A corn-hating wombat is about to become the next Internet star, if Marc Maron is to be believed. (1:04)

The BBC series Natural World filmed a segment

where Kangaroo Dundee--no relation--

fed a wombat an ear of corn,

which is now my new favoriteeuphemism for sex.

Unfortunately, Pete the wombatwas not on board.

So, comedians,how does he react?

He screams likea death metal singer,

he chomps intothe handsome man's nose,

or he rips a fart?Uh, Mark.

A-- Screams likea death metal singer.

Well, I guess that could be aninterpretation of what happens.

Let's take a listen.

Um, want some?Want a treat?

-(wombat passes wind)-Oh! -(laughter)

Wasn't me.

-(applause and cheering)-(wombat passes wind)

-He farts just like us!-HARDWICK: Yeah, yeah.

That could passfor a human fart.

They... they fart...

MARON:But now he's gonna be

-the farting wombat, like GrumpyCat. -HARDWICK: He's gonna...

It's like,it's the farting wombat.

Gonna be a billionaire.

A Internet star is born!

You know, you guessed wrong,

but I'm still gonna give you100 points

for the predicting the next bigInternet meme, Marc Maron.