#HashtagWars - #MakeAMovieWhiter

Tuesday, January 26, 2016 01/26/2016 Views: 965

In response to the Oscars' failure to nominate any non-white actors, Affion Crockett, Jenny Zigrino and Marlon Wayans alter movies by infusing them with white stereotypes. (1:33)

It's now time for tonight's#HashtagWars.


people are understandably upsetthat this year's Oscar nominees

are whiter than a polar bearat an NPR party. And...

And I'm not sayingthe nominees who got nominated

don't deserve to be nominated,some people are like,

"Well, it's not their fault."No, it's not their fault.

But you have to understand thatit's about the representation

of the voting committee.

90% of them are white,with a median age of around 60,

which meansthey're about as diverse

as a bag of old marshmallows,and that's not fair.

So the Academy has startedtrying to mix things up

with some membership. Ho... Sohopefully this will be the last

Oscars with a lineup of films

that have to wear SPF 50at all times. So...

So, as a send-off, tonight'shashtag is #MakeAMovieWhiter.


Examples might be Citizen Kale or...

or The Force Awakens,

Heads to Yoga, and Then Meets Some Friends for Brunch.

Uh, I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock. And begin. Jenny.

Tyler Perry's Madea Goes on a Juice Cleanse.

Points. Affion.

S... Straight Outta Newport Beach.

Points. Marlon.

Honey, I Shrunk the Penis.

Points. Jenny.

The Kids Are All White.

Yes, points.Marlon Wayans.

Diary of an Irate White Woman.

Points. Affion.

The Passive-Aggressive Eight.

Yes, points.Affion.

Jennifer Lawrence of Arabia.

Points. Marlon.

Selma, My Maid.