Billy Bush Gets Fired From the "Today" Show

Tuesday, October 18, 2016 10/18/2016 Views: 405

After Billy Bush gets fired for his lewd conversation with Donald Trump, Matthew Broussard, Carmen Lynch and Jesse Joyce own up to offensive things they've said in the past. (1:52)

America's longnational nightmare is over.

Billy Bush has been firedfrom The Today Show.

Donald Trump's "Grab 'emby the pussy" locker room talk

on a bus got Billy fired

from his $3 million-a-yeardream job.

-WOMAN: Yeah!-Uh, listen,

where is The Today Show gonna find

-another white guy with hair?-(laughter)

-I don't know what they're gonnado! -(applause and cheering)

Matthew Broussardmaybe could be the guy.

I don't know.It's a unique skill set.

You are a white guy,you do have hair.

You could have the job,Broussard. Who knows.

But if it is not Broussard,good luck, NBC. Uh...

Billy Bush is PresidentGeorge W. Bush's cousin,

so basically, he's not reallyqualified to do anything.


Except for...

That's Billy Bush planning 9/12.

-HARDWICK: All right. Yeah.-(laughter and groaning)

-(applause and cheering)-See 'cause... that's how...

Jesse Joyceright out of the gate.

The schadenfreude'soff the charts on this.

But, comedians,I'd be willing to bet

that you've said something inthe past that you might regret.

So what's something you've said

that would get in troubleif it came out now?

Jesse Joyce.

All right, well, for years, uh,

I have saidthe Portuguese were just a pile

of uncircumcised, napping,chest hair on a moped.

(laughter and groaning)

And it turns outthat's not right.

Turns outthey also invented slavery.

-HARDWICK: Okay, all right.-(groaning) -Yeah.

All right, well, it's...The audience is trying to be

-on board with all of that.-No, they're-they're...

-(laughter)-They're... they're Googling it

is what they're doing.

-HARDWICK: All right.-They're Googling it right now.

-Carmen.-I got drunk once and said

the media was not runby the Jews.

-HARDWICK: All right.-(laughter and groaning)

All right.I'll give you points for that.

Matthew Broussard.

-Stranger Things is overrated.-HARDWICK: What?!

-(loud groaning)-That is...

-(applause)-Oh! That is fireable.