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In honor of St. Patrick's Day, Melissa Villasenor, Yassir Lester and Scott Adsit turn radio hits into festive Irish ditties. (2:17)

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And now it's time for the much

heralded #HashtagWars.

(cheering and applause)

Tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day, a

day dedicated to drinking and

assuming every redhead is Irish.



That's a photo from redditer

LilRedWoodPecker of a T-shirt

featuring Scotland's national


The only problem with St. Pat's

Day is by the time everyone's

drunk enough to start singing,

the only Irish song they can

remember is Danny Boy, and

maybe, maybe that YouTube song

from the Batman Forever


You guys remember that one?

Nope? All right.

No Irish people here, I guess.

No Irish people.

But we're here to help with, uh,

tonight's hashtag,


Examples might be "Uptown

Drunk," and "Me neck, me back,

me pussy and me Lucky Charms."

(laughter and applause)

Let's put 60 seconds on the

clock and begin.


>>"Kiss From a Rosacea."

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> "I Want to Riverdance With


>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> "Baby Got Back-To-Back DUIs."

>> HARDWICK: All right, points.


>> "In Da Pub."

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.


>> "We Famine, Famine, Famine,

Famine." Yes!

>> HARDWICK: Points.

>> Some of you got it.

>> HARDWICK (Irish accent):

Those potato famine wounds are

still fresh.

(regular voice): Scott.

>> ♪ IRA rock, IRA island.

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.

Yassir Lester.

>> "Shake Ya Lass, Watch


>> HARDWICK (laughing): Yes.

>> I got you, I got you.

>> HARDWICK: ♪ Shillelagh what

you're made of. ♪

Points to Yassir Lester and

points to me.

Scott Adsit.

>> "Girls Just Want to Have Nine


>> HARDWICK: Points.

(laughter and applause)


>> "Papa Was a Blarney Stone."

>> HARDWICK: Yes, points.