Who Would Win? - Insane Hypothetical Battles

Monday, February 29, 2016 02/29/2016 Views: 361

Jordan Klepper, Mike Yard and Ron Funches pit unlikely opponents against each other in hypothetical showdowns. (1:28)

As we go to our next game,Who Would Win? Who Would Win?

Our show tonight will crownthe undisputed champion

of Comedy Centrallate night programming,

but I am wonderingwho is the champion

of Comedy Central'slate, late night programming.

Is it a rerun of Tosh.0? Or a Slap Chop infomercial?

Who knows?

Well, this is the typeof thought experiments they do

on the subreddit Who Would Win?,where redditors propose

other insane hypotheticalbattles, like this one

from Maxidaz,Donald Trump in an Iron Man suit

versus every illegalMexican immigrant.


or this onefrom chrisfromjersey,

Gary Busey on LSD with a crowbar

versus the entire castof Sesame Street.

-That's a good battle.-That's a good battle. -Yeah.

That would be a good fight.I want to see that.

-I want to watch that fight.-This is a bunch of fun,

so, comedians, I would like youto come up with

as many hypothetical showdownsas you can

in 60 seconds. And begin. Ron.

Oh, yo' mama versus Deez Nuts.

All right. Points. Mike.

Uh, Deez Nuts versus Doze Nuts.

-Points. Jordan.-Ooh.

Uh, Chris Brownversus Board of Education.

All right. Points. Mike.

The Republican Partyversus progress.

-Points. Jordan. -(cheeringand applause) -Come on!

-Points. -Uh, strong femalecharacters versus actual women.

Points. Jordan.

Uh, Bernie Sandersversus slippery sidewalk.

All right, points.