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Extended - August 4, 2017 - The 600th Episode - Uncensored 08/05/2017 Views: 1,283

Chris gives one last farewell as host of @midnight and expresses his gratitude to those who made the show possible. (3:41)

(audience cheering)I just want to say a couple


I just want to say a couplethings.

Uh, you know, sincerely,sincerely, this has been one of

the best experiences of my life.

This was a dream job.

To get to come and make dickjokes about the Internet with my

friends who are all comedians...

And not-- you know, like, peoplewho are my friends, and then

also, like, we had Kids in theHall on earlier this week.

Like, people I looked up to,people, you know-- Kevin Nealon,

Emo Philips, like, people Iidolized growing up, living in

Memphis, Tennessee, wondering ifI could ever be a comedian.

And this has been such anamazing platform for comedy and

it's shocking to me that with600 channels of television,

there's not really any stand-upon television anymore.

So I really hope that changes,but honestly, it's been an honor

and-and this is a deceptivelydifficult show to make.

And we could not do that withoutthe fucking incredible crew, all

these people operating thecameras, operating the lights,

operating the sound.

(audience cheering)Everyone here, all the folks up

there that you see, our legaldepartment, uh, the people

running the, all theelectronics, Holly, um...

I always reference, uh, I alwaysreference a guy named Jack,

that's Jack Martin.

He's our showrunner, he's beenhere since day one, making the

show work.

He's incredible.

Um, one of our other executiveproducers, Bellamie Blackstone,

up there, does a bunch ofamazing stuff.

Uh, uh, our head writer, JoeRandazzo, an-an amazing group...

an amazing group of comedianswho, I feel like, our writers,

our writers make this showamazing.

And again, it's a hard show todo.

They make me funnier, they makethe show funnier.

I'm honored to work with them.

I'm sad to see them all go.

I want to thank Bart Coleman,too, who has booked all the

comedians, um, since day one.

I want to thank, um, all of youguys, too.

>> Aw, thank you, man.

>> HARDWICK: I want to thank,um, Funny Or Die, Joe Farrell,

and Mike Farah, and also SeriousBusiness for creating the show.

Obviously, Tom Lennon and-andBen Garant.

Um, and honestly, I really doneed to thank Comedy Central.

They've been an amazing partnerthese last four years.

And they have been supportive.

We got to go out together, onthis show.

Uh, I got to thank, uh, KentAlterman.

Kent, thank you so much forletting us do this show and...

and, uh, you know, it's a verystrange time.

I hope no one ever really tookanything we said seriously on

the show.

Uh, it's all jokes.

I think this was one of the mostinnovative shows, it was so much

fun to be a part of.

More jokes per minute than anyother show on television.

Uh, I think on @midnight.

I will miss it.

I hope you miss it.

And, um, yeah, and as we leave,the Internet, the world has

changed so much since we gothere.

And the Internet, you know,social media used to be fun and

light and lighthearted andthere's still good parts of it,

but I really do feel like-- andI mean this sincerely-- social

media has turned into an egoshout-chamber.

And-- thank you-- and, justremember, just remember, uh,

yelling does make things happen,but it does not solve problems.

So please be nice to each other,goddamn it.

Uh, and thank you so much forletting me do my dream job all

these years.

And now I have this vault fullof points.

I give them all to you.

So take all the points, be niceto each other, go support live

comedy, thank you for watching@midnight 600 times.

I love you guys.

Good night.

Thank you!

(audience cheering)

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