Super Zeroes - Green Is an Evil Color

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Nick Youssef, Whitney Cummings and Josh McDermitt answer questions about offbeat comic book superheroes and villains. (3:35)

It's time to play Super Zeroes,Super Zeroes.


I know you've never heardof this game,

-so I appreciate your support.-(laughter)

Superheroes are knownfor having kickass backstories,

like being bitby a radioactive spider

and gaining cool superpowers...

instead of coughing up bloodand losing all their hair.

But... not all heroesare that lucky.

Some superheroes end up lookinglike total butter crystal ball.

Uh, like this...


...very sexy light bulb.

-(laughter)-Uh... but there are tons

of horrible heroes and villainsto goof on,

so let's take a look at some,and then we'll goof.

Comedians, I'm gonna show you

some obscure comic bookcharacters, and for 250 points,

you answer questions about them.First up, we have...

Matter-Eater Lad.

-(laughter) -Matter-Eater Lad.He seems to be able to eat

any and all matter.

What is his catchphrase?Josh.

Don't judge me,I'm going through a breakup.


Wait a minute...

Are you sure? I thinkhe's on the fence about it.

Aw... Hey.

-There you go.Hey, hey, hey, hey.

Hey, come on, kids, your ol' dad

knows how to mix it upwith comedy.

Next up, how about NFL Superpro?

How about NFL Superpro?

Uh, what is his weakness?Nick.

Uh, turning 30.

Points. Yup.

CUMMINGS:Oh, funny.

Whitney Cummings.

Uh, his weaknessis spelling and pussy.



His weakness is the stateof Florida's child custody laws.

Points. Yeah.

Next up, this viral sensation:Infectious Lass.

Infectious Lass.

What's the nameof her super team? Josh.

The Hepatitis Four.



Uh, HPV for Vendetta.


Next up, we haveArm Fall Off Boy.


Can we... can I...

can we just point out the soundof your arm ripping off is...

-Yeah, yeah, it's-it's "plorp".-Obviously plorp. -Plorp.

It's plorp. I mean, you know,you work on Walking Dead,

a lot of peopleget their limbs ripped off.

You-you probably hearplorps all the time.

Uh, who is his sidekick?Who is his sidekick? Josh.

The drummer from Def Leppard.

Oh, no.



Together they canboth lift a box.


It only makes sensethat his sidekick

-is Arm Put Back On Boy.-Yeah, points.

That would only make sense.

Next up, beware The Fiddler!

Oh, oh.

Green is an evil color.

What is usedto defeat this villain? Nick.

A, uh, younger,more talented Asian fiddler.


Next up, duck,it's Codpiece!

-Here comes Codpiece.-McDERMITT: Oh...

Uh, where did heget his super power?

Where did he gethis super power? Josh.

Let me ask you this, Chris--have you ever tried

(bleep) a microwave?


I mean, like, you know,I've 69'd one,

but I haven't, like...

We all have.

I set it to 69 and thenI hit start and then...