Disease Songs - That Is Catchy

Monday, February 22, 2016 02/22/2016 Views: 229

Gillian Jacobs, Claudia O'Doherty and Paul Rust come up with sickly versions of well-known songs. (1:44)

As we go to our next game,Disease Songs. Disease Songs.

Everybody's all worried aboutthe spread of the Zika virus.

Luckily, JamaicanYouTube sensation and OB/GYN

Michael Abrahams is teachingpeople in affected areas

with Wi-Fiall about virus prevention

with this viral video!

♪ Zik Vinna de Caribbean territory ♪

♪ But we no want that virustake set pon we ♪

♪ Bore hole inna de tindem yu dash way ♪

♪ And change the waterinna your vase every day. ♪

So just do all that (bleep)and you're fine!

That is catchy,the song and the disease.

So in the spirit of this,comedians, I would like you

to name as many disease songsas you can in 60 seconds.

Examples may include"True Choleras"

and "My Neck, My Back,My Pussy, and Malaria."

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock. And begin.

-Claudia.-"Tiny Cancer."

Yes, points. Gillian.

Anything by the Cure.

Points. Paul.

♪ Whoomp! There It AIDS

All right, points. Gillian.

"Die Like an Egyptian."

Points. Claudia.

"It's Raining Meningitis."

Mwah. Points.

Paul Rust.

-"Shingle Bells."-Points.


♪ Simply IrresistibleBowel Syndrome ♪

-Points.-Thank you.

-Claudia.-"Get Out of My Dreams

and Getinto This Containment Suit."

Yes, points. Very well done.


Uh, "I Just Calledto Say I'm Positive."

(buzzer sounds)