Here Comes the Nintendo Switch

Wednesday, March 1, 2017 03/01/2017 Views: 191

The roster of weird game titles for the new Nintendo Switch inspires Lauren Lapkus, Natalie Morales and Pete Holmes to create other atypical video games. (1:25)

The new Nintendo Switchgame console hits stores

this weekend,uh, giving gamers a new way

to ignore their loved onesat home or on the go!

(cheering, applause)

I know, I'm very excited.

But crusty critics have beenslamming the Switch

for its limited rosterof game titles, like, uh,

1-2 Switch, where you can milk a cow

and take care of a crying baby.

Um, listen, I think that's fine.

Finally, we havethe technology to simulate

being a Kentucky teen mom.You guys wanted that.

Or Little Inferno... Little Inferno,

where you can burn stuffin a virtual fireplace.

Comedians, I want you to give ussome even more atypical

video games other thanthe ones on the Switch.

I'm gonna put 60 second onthe clock, and begin. Natalie.

Call of Booty: Modern Dating.

Points. Lauren.

Microsoft Paint Drying.

Points. Pete.

Super Mario Batali Bros.

Points, yeah. Lauren.

Grand Theft Auto Zone Waiting Area.

Yes, points. Very good.Pete.

Star Fox News.

Yes, points. Natalie.

Gynecologist Lara Croft: Womb Raider.

Ha! Very good.

Points. Pete Holmes.

Single Dragon.

Yes, points.

Winners don't use drugs.

Uh, Lauren Lapkus.

Call of Jury Duty.

Yes, points.


-Duck (bleep).-(buzzer sounds)

(game over sound effect)

Wait, Duck (bleep)?