Chemistry Experiments - F**k It, We Got Matt Damon

Monday, January 11, 2016 01/11/2016 Views: 182

Awards show organizers have proven to be terrible at matching up celebrity presenters, so Jackie Kashian, Pete Holmes and Brett Gelman come up with their own unlikely pairs. (2:08)

As we go to our next game,Chemistry Experiments.

Chemistry Experiments.

You know, one of of the weirdest parts

of any award showsis the bizarre pairings

of the celebrity presenters.For-for example, last night

at the Golden Globes,which somehow was convinced

that The Martian is a comedy.It's not really a comedy,

but (bleep) it, we gotMatt Damon on the show.

Uh, they forced Ricky Gervaisand Mel Gibson

to share the stage, I guess'cause of their mutual interest

in public intoxication.Needless to say, these two

had worse chemistries thana Me-Mexican meth lab, so...

If that wasn't awkward enough,they also had Magic Mike present

with the bearwho raped Leonardo DiCaprio.

So comedians,as an award show announcer,

I would like youto announce weirder couplings

who should give awardsat the next Golden Globes

in 60 seconds, and begin.


Uh, please welcomeSean Penn and El Chapo.

All right, points.

That's real,that really happened!

Pete Holmes.

Please welcome,from Tony! Toni! Toné!,

Tony and Toni.Toné couldn't make it.

Points. Genius.

Thank you for makinga Tony! Toni! Toné! reference.

See, they all spellthe "Tony" differently,

that's how it works.Points. Jackie.

Uh, please welcome Donald Trumpand a copy of the Koran.



Please welcome Bill Cosbyand his wife Camille.

All right, points.

Pete Holmes.

Please welcome Paula Deenand DMX.

Yeah. Points. Pete Holmes.

Please welcome Chris Hardwickand a BB-8 that he's (bleep).

-Yes! So, BB-8.-(buzzer sounds)

I could get that.

I could totally get that.

-Huh. A moment.-♪ I'm waiting -You know,

sometimes you just... you justgot a chemistry with someone.

-You know? I'm... What?-WOMAN: Oh, my God.

Somebody's really getting offon you (bleep) a BB-8 out there.

Oh, sorry,that's also a spoiler.

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.


It's, uh...

uh... BB-8 out, uh, by me.

-By me.-Oh, nice.