Over Sleazy - The Death of the Twitter Egg

Monday, April 3, 2017 04/03/2017 Views: 154

Twitter is replacing its egg avatar, so Guy Branum, Rhett Miller and Margaret Cho give the infamous internet troll mascot a new home. (1:33)

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So, if you've ever had someonein your Twitter mentions

with a stuck caps lockand broken spell check

encouraging you to,

"eat a brkfest buretomade of cat terds,"

then, chances are,this was their avatar.

The Twitter egg has long beenthe official mascot

of abusive trollswith low follower counts who,

according to them,

spend most of their timeplowing all our moms.

-(laughter) -What a servicethey do to all of us.

Thank you so much...for all the mom plowing.

Well, now Twitter'sretiring the egg avatar

and replacing it with this--

a gender-neutralbox-headed blob who, in fact--

fun fact--modeled after Pitbull.

-Not sure if you guys wereaware of that that. -(laughter)

-♪ I know you want me -♪ Want me

-♪ You know I want cha -♪ Want cha

-♪ I know you want me -Pitbull.

-♪ You know I want cha ♪ Want cha

-♪ I know you want me-♪ Want me

-♪ You know I want cha-♪ Want cha

♪ I know you want me

♪ You know I want...

Every time this song plays,

-a 20-year-old in Tampa becomesa grandmother. -(laughter)

So, comedians,

now that Twitter has no more use

for them, what do we do with allthese hostile trolling eggs?

Rhett Miller.

Use themto make a douche quiche.

HARDWICK:Yes. Very good. Points.

-(laughter, applause)-Thank you.

Margaret Cho.

To make a really racist omelet

that asks female celebritiesfor pictures of their feet.

-HARDWICK: Yeah, points. Points.-(laughter)

-(applause)-Guy Branum.

The morning protein you needfor a full day

of doxing women who haveopinions about video games.

-HARDWICK: All right, points.Very good. -(laughter)

-Points. Very good.-(applause and cheering)