Low-Cost Cosplay - Clearly on a Budget

Wednesday, March 2, 2016 03/02/2016 Views: 557

Wil Wheaton, Ross Marquand and Marcella Arguello answer questions about thrifty cosplayers based on their low-budget costumes. (3:49)

It's time to playLow Cost Cosplay.

-Low Cost Cosplay.-(cheering)

Wil and I, as loyal membersof the nerd geek army

have mad respect for cosplayers,but I know that getting

a movie-perfectKylo Ren lightsaber

or Katniss Everdeenbow and arrow can be muy pricey.

That's why we wantto celebrate superfans

who did the most with the least.

I'm gonna show youa photo of a cosplayer

who was clearly on a budget,and for 250 points,

you have to answera question about them.

Okay, first up--this unfinished Avenger!

-There he is.-(laughter)


-He's, uh...-(whooping)

He's... I think we all, uh,we all know "Hulk Smash."

What is this guy's catchphrase?

-Marcella. -Hulk shouldn'thave skipped leg day.

(laughter, applause)


Uh, points. Ross.

Uh, Hulk survive polio!




Wil Wheaton.

Hulk grower not shower!

-(laughter, applause)-Points.

-HARDWICK: He is. He is.-He is.

Next up, this toilet genie,this toilet genie.


What's a wishthis genie would grant?


I wish there wasn'tall this weird (bleep)

-in Flint's water supply.-Yes. Points.


It's, uh, it's-it's zombieRobin Williams,

-came up right out of the...right out of the hole. -No!

Now you justpissed off the audience.

I had to find out where the linewas so I could cross it.

You're right.Comedian's job.

Ensign Crusher,get us out of here quick.


-Was that Patrick Stewart?-(exclaims)

That was-that wassort of Patrick Stewart.

Or Robin Williams?

Ensign Crusher, set a coursefor vector five

and then come hereand give me a blow.

All right, but you're not gonna(bleep) on my face this time.

(imitates computer beeping)


(hums a tune)

The worst... This is theweirdest holodeck program

-I've ever been in.-HARDWICK: What...

My pussy has never been so dry.

You're welcome.

Next one, next one, this valiantattempt at the Justice League.

-Who is their arch...-WOMAN: Aw.

Aw. This poor girl in the front

couldn't help but go, "Aw."

Who is...who is their archenemy? Ross.




Next up, these Sesame Street companions.




they're gonna (bleep) you.

Yeah. Yeah.

What is the lessonof this children's show? Wil.

God has abandoned us.

Yes, points. Points.


(Hungarian accent):Two, two restraining orders.

Ah, ah, ah!

Points. Points.


Sometimes it doesn't get better.

Yeah, points. Points.

Well done. Very well done.