Master of Seduction - How to Pick Up a Lady in Detroit

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 01/27/2016 Views: 212

Inspired by an amateur pickup artist from the 80s, Esther Povitsky, Brandon Wardell and Ryan Stout describe how they would seduce locals in various cities. (2:00)

As we go to your next game,

Master of Seduction.Master of Seduction.

Our good buddies at the FoundFootage Festival turned us on

to this '80s gem called The Video Guide

for Successful Seduction.

You should watch it.It totally all works.

Our favorite seduceris this guy,

telling us how to pick upa lady in Detroit. Take notes.

Detroit: you need a dollar,

a 12-pack of beer,a gram of coke,

and a whip.



Now, comedians, I'm sure Normfrom Cheers After Dark here

has a trick for... every city,

so I would like you to give meas many other cities as you can

and what you should putin your seduction kit

to get some local assin 60 seconds. And begin.

-Uh, Esther.-Los Angeles: a weed card,

green juice, and a Kickstarterfor all the plastic surgery.

Points. Ryan Stout.

Tijuana: a donkeywith zebra stripes,

a greased fist, and a wristwatchyou don't mind losing.

All right, points.

Uh, Brandon.

Okay. Madrid, Spain:

eight bottles of wine,

a carton of cigarettes,and, uh, some guy's wife.

Points. Ryan.

Tirana, Albania:

a young kid who can lurebackpackers into a van,

a backpacker, and a van.

All right, points. Yeah. Thoseare all the things you need.


Iowa: Hillary Clinton pantsuit,

Bernie Sanders wig,and Donald Trump's willingness

to have sex with anyoneincluding his daughter.

Yes, points.


Uh, Narnia.

Oh. Yes.

Narnia.A lion, a witch, and a wardrobe.