Redneck Recipes - The Last Thing You Ever Eat

Tuesday, January 19, 2016 01/19/2016 Views: 237

In honor of Paula Deen's birthday, Patton Oswalt, Shelby Fero and Blaine Capatch come up with their own backwoods recipes. (1:48)

As we go to our next game,Redneck Recipes.

Redneck Recipes.

Anyone's game!

Be fast on the buzzers!

If your blood pressure rosea little bit today,

that's 'cause it's, uh,feathered stick of butter

-Paula Deen's birthday!Over the... -Yeah.

-over the years, the FoodNetwork host has created -God.

some truly disturbing dishes,

like the Lunch Lady'sBrunch Burger,

-which is a bacon-egg burgerwith donuts as the buns. -Ooh.

Only for us ladies though.

Oh, for the ladies.

The last thing you ever eat.

I can't believeshe got the diabetes. So...

Comedians, in honor of her,please give me

as many redneck recipesas you can.

Examples might betrailer park mix

and a meth reduction sauce.Let's begin.

-Shelby. -A flambé-ently gay sonthat we don't talk about.

Points. Shelby.

Uh, Ku Klux clam sauce.

Yes, points. Blaine.

Jeff-ducken.That's a duck inside a chicken

shoved into Jeff.

All right, points. Patton.

Uh, cousins in the same blanket.


Shelby. Shelby Fero.

Sorry. Sorry.

Uh, the Civil Warwas about steak's fries.

-All right, points.-Oh!

-Patton.-Lightly battered sister.

All right, points. Patton.

Uh, braised Dover solewith a pumpkin seed reduction

and a suncho...I'm kidding, meth!

All right, points. Blaine.

Uh, get-r-ducken.

That's a-a duckshoved inside a turkey

shoved inside a cable box.

-All right, points. Shelby.-Yeah.

You can pry this gunfrom my cold, dead hams.

Points. Blaine.

A sir-ducken. That's a, uh...

that's a duck shovedinside a chicken

shoved inside a turkeyand then knighted by the queen.

-All right, points. Yeah, that'sa... Delicious. -Very nice.