Denim? Hell, It Damn Near Killed Him - Wrestling with His Pants Past

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 04/27/2016 Views: 557

After the Internet disses wrestler Roman Reigns's taste in jeans, Tony Hale, Reid Scott and Timothy Simons try to lift his spirits. (1:32)

Pro wrestler Roman Reigns--who sounds like a Pompeian

porn star-- is also wrestlingwith his pants past.

An old picture of him wearingthese wonderfully-hideous jeans

resurfaced on the Internet,

and of course,the Internet handled it

with the tact you might expect.

Uh, like this comment.

-"Lost custodyof your kids denim." -(laughter)

Or, "Y'all leave Roman

"Bud Light in a BottleDenim Pants" Reigns alone!"

Or, this is, uh...this is really mean, you guys.

Step off a little bit.I mean, everyone...

Everyone had a pairof those True Religion jeans

with the wide stitching in 2003,and some people hung onto them.

-(laughter)-What's the problem? -Yes, yes.

With the big bunsand the boot on the back.

It was fine.2003 was a good time.

-(applause and cheering)-Yeah.

All right, anyway, Roman'shaving a tough time lately,

so, comedians,let's cheer him up

and say something niceabout his stupid jeans.

-Tim Simons.-Uh, you can wear them anywhere.

-You can wear 'em to theSmash Mouth concert. -(laughter)

-To an Entourage fan convention.-(laughter)

Uh, you can wear themto the courthouse

when you have to registeras a sex offender.

-(laughing)-HARDWICK: Points. Oh.

-(applause and cheering)-Uh, Reid.

Those jeans really bring outyour unfurnished apartment.

-HALE: Yeah, they do.-(laughter)

-Points.-(applause and cheering) -Weird.

-Wait. -SCOTT:I just bought this house

-and these jeans.-(laughter)

And I'm sitting here waitingfor a delivery

-of furniture and more jeans.-(laughter)

-Tony. -My thing isif you feel good, wear 'em.

You just don't looklike you feel good.

-(laughter)-You look constipated.

HARDWICK: A little constipated.A little cons...