#HashtagWars - #WeedQuotes

Wednesday, November 9, 2016 11/09/2016 Views: 536

Three states voted to legalize marijuana, so Megan Neuringer, Vladimir Caamano and Chris D'Elia celebrate with weed-inspired versions of well-known quotes. (2:20)

And now, y'all, it's timefor tonight's #HashtagWars.


Last night our liveswere forever changed.

History will mark thisas the most pivotal moment

that will influencethe rest of time.

It will be known as"The day the Earth stood chill."

The day when Maine,Massachusetts,

Nevada and Californiavoted to...

legalize recreational useof marijuana in this state.

(cheering, whistling, applause)

I don't smoke pot.You all think it's great.

I take your word for it.

Uh... the couple times I did it,

I just thought if I didn'tconcentrate on my heart,

it would stop beating--I did not enjoy the experience.

Uh, historymay not have gotten to record

its first female presidentin the books, but...

at least we can look forwardto the day

the social studies teacherhas to teach our kids

about the Mary Jane.

That is why tonight's hashtagis #WeedQuotes.

Examples might be--

(like Bogart): Here's lookingat you for six hours, lava lamp.

And, One small step for man,one giant leap for...

Oh, (bleep), is that the Earth?Aw, that's crazy.

We're, like, so small up here.

Aw, I can't even believe it.Aw, man!

I'm gonna put 60...

I'm gonna put 60 secondson the clock, and begin.

-Megan. -(like De Niro):You tokin' to me?

-Points. very good.-Are you tokin' to me?


First rule of Fight Club is...

Wait, what was I saying?

-All right, points.-(laughter, applause)


(British accent):Bong. James Bong.

Very good. Yes, points.


Don't ask what weedcan do for you,

-but how can I get weed?-All right, points.

-Megan. -Nobody putsBlueberry Kush in the corner.

-All right, points.-(cheering, applause)


The only thing we have to fear

is that van that's beenoutside of the window all day.

(laughter, applause)

-Points.-Do you see that van?


Life is likea box of chocolates.

Just be really carefulwith the dose.

All right, points.

-D'Elia. -(like Pacino):Say hello to my little friend,

-Woody Harrelson.-(laughter)



I think we're gonna needa bigger blunt.

-Points. Very good.-(laughter, groans)

-Megan. -Love is patient,love is kind,

love passed the dutchieon the left-hand side.

-Yes, points. Points.-(cheering, applause)