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When Frederick's in Charge


The possibility of a Frederick Bellacourt presidency triggers a heated debate among the servants.

Frederick's Flag Flop


Frederick brings the heat -- and a lot of fertilizer -- to his rally at the Manure Association of America.

Awaiting Their Beloveds


Frederick and Beatrice each get excited to meet their mysterious paramours, but their optimism may not be warranted.

Cyrano-ing Dodo


The Commodore gets some help from Peepers in his bid to win back Dodo.

Basement Bubbles


Garfield reunites with Mrs. Snagsby, the orphanage owner who raised him and who has a special request for him.

Lillian's Life on the Inside


As the newest inmate at the Newport Sanitarium for the Insane, Lillian learns a thing or two from Blanche about what she'll need to survive.

Beatrice's High-Tech Makeover


Dodo uses cutting-edge techniques to turn Beatrice into the kind of beauty who could be featured on the next nickel.

Private Time for Frederick


Frederick's plan to masturbate to his sister's sex nickelodeon is thwarted when Celery knocks at the door.

Beatrice the Slut


A stolen erotoscope from Thomas Edison's studio turns Beatrice into the press's new obsession.

Busting the Italians


Victor and Albert raid their ethnic new neighbors' house in an effort to find something incriminating.

Frederick for President


During a campaign stop at a meeting of the Dodo Bird Hunters Union, Frederick dispenses with the script and tells the people what they want to hear.