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The Who's Who of Who's Dead


Lillian hits a snag in her plan to get herself and Beatrice admitted to Newport's most exclusive cemetery.

Playing Prepubescent


To land a dance with an eligible bachelor at Celery's masquerade party, Lillian tries to make herself seem as young as possible.

Team Garfield


While Peepers returns to his roots, Garfield finds life as head butler to be way, way more than he can handle.

Peepers and Dodo's Morning After


Peepers begins planning his and Dodo's life together after a night of passion on the high seas.

Rough Weather


Lillian and Beatrice change their minds about meteorology when a sexy Spanish scientist visits Bellacourt Manor.

The Archery Abomination


Victor gets excited when the Olympics come to Newport -- until he finds out who's competing.

Frederick’s Shocking Origins


After coming across Frederick's birth certificate, Celery discovers that he may not be a true Bellacourt at all.

The Maniac of Bellacourt Manor


Hamish regales the other servants with a grisly tale of murder and mutilated manhoods.

The Ghost Trap


While setting a snare for the spirits in Bellacourt Manor, Peepers tells Garfield the reason he knows so much about beings from the beyond.

A Duel for Dodo


Peepers confronts Black Donahue after he takes over one of the rooms in the manor, but neither man seems prepared for a fight.

Bathing Costume Carriage Wash


The N.A.G.S. are torn over the new tactics that Lillian and Beatrice are using to attract attention to the women's rights movement.