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Beatrice vs. Satan


Beatrice confronts Lillian about her sinful behavior but finds that her sister is less susceptible to the Christian path than she had hoped.

A Prayer for Lillian


Desperate to revive a seemingly dead Lillian, Beatrice calls on her new friend Jesus for help.

Musical Chairs at a Wedding


Some necessary rearranging takes place after Lillian's fiance drops dead at the altar.

Lillian's One-Woman Sinfest


Beatrice tries to get a drunk and despondent Lillian to repent for her many sins so she can join her at the Heaven party.

The Exile of Beatrice


When photos surface of Frederick and Beatrice having sex, Frederick deals with it the only way he knows how -- by sending Beatrice to a convent.

I'll F**k You in Heaven


Beatrice and Frederick sing a duet about all of the nasty things they'll do to each other when they're together in the afterlife.

Lillian and Mayor Cutie Bury the Hatchet


Lillian attends Mayor Cutie's concert with Scott Joplin but can't resist trying to steal the spotlight.

Mayor Cutie's Big Break


Lillian and Beatrice listen to their collaboration with ragtime composer Scott Joplin, but they're shocked when the final product doesn't feature their vocals at all.

Extended Scene - Harvard Men


Frederick and his college chums sing the praises of their alma mater, a place they definitely got admitted to based on merit alone.

The Condom Conundrum


Lillian heads to the pharmacy with Garfield to buy condoms, but finds them more difficult to obtain than she thought.

Beatrice's Space-Time Breakthrough


Frederick's Harvard chums lash out after Beatrice solves an equation devised by Albert Einstein.