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TUESDAYS 10:30/9:30c

  • Monday September 15, 2014

    Crippleberry (202)

    The carnival comes to Brickleberry with a freaky sideshow that Connie obsesses over. When Steve gets hurt, Malloy gets a job as his lawyer and forces changes to bring the park up to code.

  • 2:53AM
    Miracle Lake (201)

    Woody discovers that Brickleberry Lake heals all wounds and becomes an evangelist. In an attempt to show Malloy snow for the first time, Ethel and Denzel discover Crog.

  • Tuesday September 16, 2014

    My Way Or The Highway (206)

    Ethel brings the governor to Brickleberry for a political rally and Woody pisses her off. When the rangers wake up the following morning to a superhighway running through Brickleberry, Woody sets out to unseat the governor.

  • 4:00AM
    Little Boy Malloy (207)

    A visit from Ethel's older/prettier/better sister leads her to drug and shave Malloy to pass him off as her child, while Connie masquerades as her husband, Connor.

  • 10:30PM
    Obamascare (301)

    President Obama visits Brickleberry and a clause hidden deep within Obamacare results in Woody and Steve being sewn together and sharing a liver after Woody gets shot.

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