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Brickleberry Bios

Steve Williams

Steve Williams is a terrible park ranger at Brickleberry, but due to his absolute shamelessness, he almost always manages to be Ranger of the Month.


Malloy is a cute bear cub adopted by the head ranger of Brickleberry. He has a taste for candy, videogames and destroying people's self-esteem.

Ethel Anderson

Ethel is an excellent and sexy park ranger with a terrible alcohol problem. She arrived at Brickleberry having been top ranger at Yellowstone.

Woody Johnson

Woody Johnson is the head ranger at Brickleberry. He has a rough exterior but he still loves his "snuggly bear" Malloy, the adopted bear cub.

Denzel Jackson

Denzel is an African American ranger who hates the woods, wildlife and working, but loves old white women.

Connie Cunaman

Connie is a very strong and masculine female ranger with a number of talents. When excited, her vagina growls as loud as a Brickleberry bear.