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Ethel Anderson

Ethel is a twenty-five-year-old smoking hot (in a granola-hippie-living-in-the-woods kind of way) ranger. She was the top ranger at Yellowstone and was transferred to Brickleberry in an effort to get the park back on track. Steve sees Ethel as a threat to his Ranger of the Month title. Ethel sees Steve as a bumbling idiot. There is a bit of sexual tension between the two, but neither would admit it. Ethel possesses extraordinary ranger skills, but is much more humble than Steve. She learned these skills while being raised by her adopted Native American parents. She also learned how to split eights and down a fifth of vodka in five seconds without triggering her gag reflex.

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  • Steve Williams

    Steve Williams is a terrible park ranger at Brickleberry, but due to his absolute shamelessness, he almost always manages to be Ranger of the Month.
  • Malloy

    Malloy is a cute bear cub adopted by the head ranger of Brickleberry. He has a taste for candy, videogames and destroying people's self-esteem.
  • Woody Johnson

    Woody Johnson is the head ranger at Brickleberry. He has a rough exterior but he still loves his "snuggly bear" Malloy, the adopted bear cub.