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Malloy is a grizzly bear cub Woody has taken in as a pet and he spoils him to death. Woody lets him play video games all day and eat junk food. Though he may be cute and cuddly, Malloy has a dirty mouth, a superiority complex and is a bit of a narcissist. He enjoys putting down the rangers on a daily basis, especially Steve.

Voiced by Daniel Tosh.

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  • Steve Williams

    Steve Williams is a terrible park ranger at Brickleberry, but due to his absolute shamelessness, he almost always manages to be Ranger of the Month.
  • Ethel Anderson

    Ethel is an excellent and sexy park ranger with a terrible alcohol problem. She arrived at Brickleberry having been top ranger at Yellowstone.
  • Woody Johnson

    Woody Johnson is the head ranger at Brickleberry. He has a rough exterior but he still loves his "snuggly bear" Malloy, the adopted bear cub.