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Steve Williams

Steve is an overconfident, bumbling park ranger who takes himself and his job way too seriously. Even though Steve has been Ranger of the Month at Brickleberry for several years, he’s not nearly as good at his job as he thinks he is. Steve’s Ranger of the Month title means everything to him and he will do anything to keep it. Despite all of his flaws, he does know the park like the back of his hand. Steve’s father was also a Brickleberry ranger, so he was raised in the park. Steve dreamed of working at Brickleberry since he was a child but put his dream on hold after his father went missing in the park and was never found.

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  • Malloy

    Malloy is a cute bear cub adopted by the head ranger of Brickleberry. He has a taste for candy, videogames and destroying people's self-esteem.
  • Ethel Anderson

    Ethel is an excellent and sexy park ranger with a terrible alcohol problem. She arrived at Brickleberry having been top ranger at Yellowstone.
  • Woody Johnson

    Woody Johnson is the head ranger at Brickleberry. He has a rough exterior but he still loves his "snuggly bear" Malloy, the adopted bear cub.