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The Blue Dress


Abbi, Ilana and costume designer Staci Greenbaum look back at how Broad City showcased Abbi's infamous blue dress throughout the series.

Abbi Tells Ilana She's Moving


After Ilana proposes that she and Abbi become roommates during an immersive play, Abbi reveals that she's moving to Colorado for an art program.

Ilana Can't Handle Bad News


Before she can break the news of her big move, Abbi plans a special day together with Ilana.

Ilana's Family Goes to the Theater


As the Wexlers take in a matinee (complete with their own meals), Ilana's eye infection gets worse.

Ilana Gets the News She's Been Waiting For


Ilana's mail is full of good news (and her trip to the salon proves to be just as exciting), and Abbi gets on the same page with Lesley.

Searching the City for Ilana's 16th Cousin - Uncensored


After meeting New York legend Alan Cumming, Abbi and Ilana lose track of Ilana's Holocaust survivor cousin Saul and set out to look for him, but get distracted along the way.

Drag Brunch, a Must


Alan Cumming welcomes Abbi, Ilana, Ilana's elderly distant cousin Saul and other New Yorkers to a drag brunch with a queen-filled rendition of "Be Our Guest."

Ilana and Lincoln's Anniversary Negotiations


Over a multicourse anniversary dinner, Lincoln springs a huge surprise on Ilana.

An Insider's Look at Ilana's Apartment - Uncensored


Ilana and production designer Angelique Clark tour Ilana's apartment while sharing stories and discussing the unique details that went into its design.

Abbi's New Artsy Lifestyle


After spotting Abbi's artwork for sale in a bookstore, Abbi and Ilana run into Ilana's old college friend, who invites them out to a fancy party at the Museum of Modern Art.

Abbi and Ilana Go Undercover


Broad City superfans talk about their love of the show, but little do they know, Abbi and Ilana are right beside them.