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Behind Broad City - Directing Season 4


Abbi and Ilana talk about how their experience of making the show changed when they started directing their own episodes.

Behind Broad City - Bedbugs


Ilana describes being self-conscious about directing herself, and Arturo Castro explains what being on Broad City means to him as an actor.

Behind Broad City - Designing the Girls' Wardrobe


Abbi and Ilana work with costume designer Staci Greenbaum to create outfits that reflect their characters.

Rich Girl, Poor Girl


A newly wealthy Ilana showers her loved ones in gifts, and Abbi stresses about her employment situation.

The Joys of Driving in New York


The girls live it up in the car Ilana inherited from her grandma -- until they realize what a pain in the ass it is to find parking in Brooklyn.

Happy Friendiversary


Abbi finds Ilana waiting with chicken fingers and margaritas at the end of her epic scavenger hunt.

Closet Freak-Out


Abbi and Ilana's murder investigation takes a terrifying turn when the suspected killer returns to his apartment.

Behind Broad City - Friendiversary


Abbi and Ilana talk about the episode's noir turn and reveal the origin of Season 4's omnipresent fake pop song.

Behind Broad City - The Making of Season 4


The creative team behind Season 4 weighs in on how Broad City has evolved, how this season is different and how much the show has meant to everyone involved.

Behind Broad City - House-Sitting


Abbi and Ilana reflect on the skills that Arturo Castro (Jaime) and Hannibal Buress (Lincoln) bring to the set.

Behind Broad City - Animating the Mushrooms Episode


Artist Mike Perry walks through the creative process of animating Season 4's Mushrooms episode.