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The Intimacy of the Fart


Lincoln and Ilana revel in their new relationship status by passing gas in each other's company.

Swiping Yas


Ilana gives Abbi a tour of the fancy bathroom in a house she's sitting, and Abbi comes across her old English teacher on Bumble.

Welcome to Florida


Abbi and the Wexlers get the lay of the land at the late Grandma Esther's Florida retirement community.

Smoking with Bobbi and Bev


The girls hear tales of the good old days when they toke up with Ilana's mom and aunt.

Behind Broad City - Florida


Ilana describes the experience of filming in her recently deceased grandma's actual condo, and the crew acts fast to save the last day of shooting.

Behind Broad City - Witches


Abbi talks about the challenges of directing while acting, and the girls gush about working with comedy legend Jane Curtin.

Outtakes - Ilana and Bevers Bonding


Ilana and Bevers find common ground in Abbi's freezing bedroom.

Sex Therapy and the Return of Jeremy


While Ilana works with a sex therapist to overcome her dry spell, Abbi runs into her old crush Jeremy outside the Met.

Deleted Scene - Abbi's Aura


Abbi resists Ilana's attempts to welcome her into the community of witches.

How to Turn Trump Into Tr**p


Broad City presents an extension for Google Chrome that turns any instance of the word "Trump" into "Tr**p."

Abbi's First Gray Hair


Abbi comes up with a solution for heating her cold apartment, and Ilana and Bevers freak out about her newfound witchiness.