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Making the Space - Uncensored


Ilana learns to accept that Jaime is moving to New Jersey with his boyfriend, and Abbi decides to take charge at work.

A Last Look at Abbi's Apartment - Uncensored


Abbi joins production designer Angelique Clark and set decorator Jessica Petrucelli for an emotional behind-the-scenes look at Abbi's apartment.

Jaime the Hoarder


When Ilana detects an awful smell coming from Jaime's bedroom, she enlists Abbi to help her deal with the situation.

Ilana's Wiz-Ness Presentation


Ilana hopes to cash in her Bitcoin money in order to get a patent on her Phone Wigs, and when Abbi's sweatshirt is found, her good deed isn't well-received.

Ilana Steps Into "The Matrix"


Determined to dress for the job of a newly minted Bitcoin kween, Ilana gets a new look, and Abbi desperately searches for her missing sweatshirt.

SheWork Had a Good Run


The success of Ilana's booming business SheWork leads to some tough negotiations.

The Birth of SheWork


Ilana's chance encounter with Linda Lodi leads to the creation of SheWork, an inclusive work environment that caters to smokers, and Abbi shops for "bath accessories" at BB&B.

Abbi's Birthday Blues Brunch


Ilana won't let Abbi's mixed emotions about turning 30 ruin brunch with Lincoln, Jaime and his boyfriend Johnny, but later, a nostalgic "Titanic" moment jeopardizes the day.

The Ass of an Ageless Angel


Abbi's not thrilled about turning 30, but Ilana plans a birthday full of adventure, including a special video montage honoring Abbi's best asset.

Hack into Broad City - Not Talking


Abbi and Ilana are such good friends that they don't need words to communicate.

Hack into Broad City - Portrait of a Lady


Ilana tries to pose for a portrait for Abbi, but she finds it difficult to stay still.