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Real Talk with Abbi's Mom


Abbi's mom opens up to her daughter about the sorry state of her sex life, and Ilana's S.A.D. lamp proves to be inadequate.

S.A.D. Lamp/Happy Lamp


Ilana gets Abbi up to speed on the scientific innovation that's helping her combat seasonal depression.

Behind Broad City - Abbi's Mom - Uncensored


Abbi and Ilana talk about the difficulty of writing comedy about serious topics and the joy of working with RuPaul.

Behind Broad City - Mushrooms


Artist Mike Perry talks about creating the look of Abbi and Ilana's trip, and Abbi and Ilana explain their vision for the episode.

The Comedown


While coming down from shrooms at Abbi's boss's house, the girls each share some exciting recent developments in their lives.

The Trip Begins


Abbi and Ilana make a shroom concoction and prepare to spend their day in another headspace.

Behind Broad City - Just the Tips


Makeup department head Mandy Bisesti and hair department head Marcel Dagenais talk about creating Ilana's outrageous look for the episode.

Getting Heavy and Riding High


Jaime considers circumcision, and Ilana's new party persona proves to be too much to handle.

Deleted Scene - Cocktail Attire


Abbi, Ilana and Jaime each bring their own style to a party -- and for different reasons.

Deleted Scene - Time to Splurge


Abbi is blown away by Ilana's fancy new lifestyle.

Gramercy Park Douchebags


Abbi and Ilana encounter a wealthy man choking on a sandwich in a gated Park.