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Prepare for Something Epic


Drunk History returns January 23 with more stories from our nation's past that you didn't learn in school.

The Cherry Sisters' Terrible Vaudeville Act


Five sisters discover that putting on horrible morality plays is more lucrative than farming.

Steve Dahl's Disco Demolition


When rock 'n' roll DJ Steve Dahl blows up a crate of disco records in a baseball stadium, teenagers riot in celebration.

Alexander Hamilton's Steamy Affair


Lin-Manuel Miranda describes how news of Hamilton's infidelity found its way into the newspaper -- and how Hamilton tried to deal with it.

Alexander Hamilton Teams Up with George Washington


Lin-Manuel Miranda describes Hamilton's tutelage under General Washington -- and his crazy eagerness to fight in the Revolutionary War.

Julia Child Goes From Spy to Gourmet Chef


On her way to becoming a famous chef, Julia Child works as a spy overseas and meets her future husband.

Boston's Great Molasses Flood


A Boston distillery chooses the absolute worst person to oversee construction of its giant molasses tank.

William Shakespeare Steals His Own Theater


When a Puritan landowner tries to shut down Shakespeare's theater, the playwright and his company take matters into their own hands.

Victor Lustig Sells the Eiffel Tower


Con man Victor Lustig swindles a man into buying the Eiffel Tower for scrap metal.

The Kopp Sisters Fight Back


When a wealthy businessman tries to intimidate three sisters in 1910s New Jersey, they take matters into their own hands.

The Wright Brothers Get a Hand From Their Sister


Orville and Wilbur Wright get off the ground thanks to the brains and determination of their sister, Katharine.