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Species: Human

Gender: Male

Full Name: Philip J. Fry

Occupation: Intergalactic Delivery Boy; Formerly, Pizza Delivery Boy; Formerly, Boy.

Goals: Win Leela's heart, fit five pool balls in mouth, save universe.

Activities Since Coming To The Future: Became emperor of alien planet; Rescued Bender from Robot Hell; Journeyed into own colon

Before Coming To The Future: Delivered cheese pizza; Emperor of cardboard fort

A delivery boy with no future, Fry was accidentally frozen on December 31st, 1999 when a pizza delivery went horribly awry. He awoke a thousand years later to find himself in New New York City, a wonderland of robots, aliens, stars, moons, and clovers. Fry soon went to work at the Planet Express delivery company, run by his great-great-great...great-great-nephew, Hubert Farnsworth. With his best friend Bender and off-again, off-again girlfriend Leela, he travels the universe, boldly going where no pizza boy has gone before.

More bios

  • Bender

    Bender is a manbot that lives life in the fast lane. He relishes the finer things such as a nice drink, a classy cigar and killing all humans.
  • Leela

    Leela is the hard-hitting one-eyed captain of the Planet Express ship. She has a complicated and emotional past full of failed love and mutants.
  • Farnsworth

    At 160 years old Professor Farnsworth is a renowned and senile inventor. His inventions have saved and almost destroyed the earth many times.