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Species: Mutant

Birthplace: Earth

Gender: Female

Full Name: Turanga Leela

Depth Perception: Poor

Occupation: Captain and Pilot of the Planet Express Delivery Ship

Favorite Kung-Fu Moves: Crouching Tiger, Disemboweling Parrot

Leela is a sexy cyclops whose character, intelligence, and willingness to clobber make her a natural leader. Leela is adept at avoiding the clumsy romantic advances of her coworker, Fry.

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  • Fry

    Fry has been a delivery boy for 1000 plus years. He is well known for his terrible work ethic, stupidity, and boyish charm.
  • Bender

    Bender is a manbot that lives life in the fast lane. He relishes the finer things such as a nice drink, a classy cigar and killing all humans.
  • Farnsworth

    At 160 years old Professor Farnsworth is a renowned and senile inventor. His inventions have saved and almost destroyed the earth many times.