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Billie Drops the B Word


An argument at a fancy party gets a little too real when Billie and Gene let the barbs fly.

Gene's Test Prep


Gene gets ready to take her GED test the only way she knows how: by casually insulting the nearest authority figure.

A Dinner Date with McCallister Dobbs


Gene and her ex-boyfriend catch up while cooking for Billie, who struggles to impress her own former flame.

Billie and Gene's Most Shameful Moments


Take a look back at just a few of the messes Billie and Gene have gotten themselves into during Season 1.

Welcome to the Revolution


When Billie finds Gene and Joy's war room, she's disturbed to discover how they're planning to get revenge on Kent.

Worst Grown-Up Prom Ever


Billie's would-be romantic evening at the GED prom goes south fast.

Billie Texts With Her Ex


Gene tries to cheer Billie up after she says yes to a date with her successful ex-boyfriend.

Joy Gets Her Some Paper


When Joy tries to negotiate with Kent for better pay, it doesn't work out as planned.

Billie the Buzzkill


Gene concocts a brilliant plan to make up for an important high school experience that she missed out on.

Gene Sets a Sexy Trap


Gene meddles in her father's personal life, and Billie's date with a biker dude ends badly.

Unhappy Mother's Day


Kent forces Gene to spend quality time with Tanzy on Mother's Day, but they're interrupted by the arrival of a surprise visitor.