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Murder Mystery Escape Room


Gene coerces the university staff into joining her in a "Clue"-style caper in the school library.

Never Have I Ever


The Eastwestern faculty plays a party game while locked in the library.

Sacrificing Billie


After finding herself as the centerpiece of a terrifying sorority ritual, Billie frantically tries to explain that she's not a virgin.

Joining the Sisterhood


Billie gets pulled into a strangely intense sorority, and Gene desperately tries to join any house that will have her.

Gene and Billie Face Off


Gene confronts Billie for giving her an F and challenges her to an epic fight.

Like Fighting in the Future


Billie and Gene go to a fencing match and have a less-than-smooth exchange with the team's star afterward.

How Gene Does Favors


Gene will do whatever it takes to help Billie lose her virginity.

Billie's Memorial Service Meltdown


Gene plays an original song at Ned's memorial, and Billie gives the attendees a piece of her mind.

Coping with Ned's Suicide


Billie gets an earful about Ned from a jaded faculty member, and Gene has a sweet moment on the toilet.

How Billie Does Spring Break


Billie takes the stage to give an epic performance -- in an auditorium that's basically empty.

A Visit from Gene's Conscience


While walking through an apocalyptic wasteland, Gene receives some unexpected words of wisdom.