Whether you're a little fuzzy on Fronthand Backhand or you’re unfamiliar with the work of Liam Neesons, all the answers you seek are right here.

    • leprosy
    • (n.) /ˈlĕprōsē/
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    • An extremely contagious disease that you should not use as your fake reason for needing a medical marijuana prescription.


    I told my doctor I had leprosy, thinking he’d prescribe me medical marijuana. But now, I’m locked in a hospital.
    • Liam Neesons
    • (n.) /'lēûm 'nēsəns/
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    • One of the greatest actions stars who ever lived, best known for jacking up big-ass wolves, jacking up those Russians in "Straight Tooken" and killing a robot boat in "Battleship." (See: "Straight Tooken.")
    • lightning in a bottle
    • (n.) /ˈlītning in ə ˈbädl/
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    • A meteorological phenomenon contained in a simple glass vessel that Levi bought from an old Chinese man.
    • Little Homie
    • (n.) /ˈlidl ˈhōmē/
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    • An assistive puppet used in the correctional system, best known for playing bizarre mind games with new parolees.
    • local custom
    • (n.) /ˈlōk(ə)l ˈkəstəm/
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    • An excuse used by horny explorers to sleep with indigenous women the world over.


    Gerald protested at first when six of the native women presented him with the husband stick, but a local custom is a local custom.