• I said bitch
    • (int.) / ī sĕd bĭch/
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    • What you tell your friend you said to your girl after she leaves you waiting in the car for 20 minutes, when she won’t pick a restaurant even though she definitely has a preference, or when she complains about walking for too long. The quieter, the better.
    • insubordinate and churlish
    • (adj.) /ˌinsəˈbôrd(ə)nət and ˈchərlish/
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    • A combination of audacious disrespect and insufferable rudeness that's sure to get anyone exhibiting it sent straight to O'Shag Hennessy's office.


    If you're feeling insubordinate and churlish, you might as well just not show up to Mr. Garvey's class. He'll tear you apart.