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Key and Peele

Key and Peele


  • Monday July 28, 2014

    202 (202)

    Sketches include a first-hand look at President Barack Obama during his college years, crashing a Civil War reenactment, and Jesus’s run-in with a dangerous pimp.

  • 3:54PM
    308 (308)

    Sketches include a football player being penalized for excessive celebration, Jordan and Keegan attending the premiere of "Othello," and a high school student gaining rapid fame from stealing a joke from one of his peers.

  • 4:25PM
    303 (303)

    Sketches include the guys having a bad Skype connection, a Django Unchained slave fight, and a baseball player slapping ass too much.

  • Wednesday July 30, 2014

    108 (108)

    President Obama wants to be treated just like everyone else, Jordan looks at an apartment owned by a suspicious landlord, and a pair of party motivators get the party started at a bar mitzvah.

  • 8:29PM
    208 (208)

    Sketches include gangsters sharing a passion for "Twilight," visiting a world where names are farts, and racist superheroes.

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