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Kroll Show Bios

Liz & Liz

Liz B. and Liz G. are total besties who run a PR firm named "PubLIZity" (it's based on their names).

Fabrice Fabrice

Fabrice Fabrice is the outlandish craft services coordinator with a name so nice you have to say it... again.

Ref Jeff

On the court, Ref Jeff's reputation and big butt precede him. He focuses on locking down plans for tonight, rather than calling a good game.

George and Gil

As two of Manhattan's most eligible bachelors, George and Gil enjoy Alan Alda, seltzer water, and tuna.

Rich Dicks

Wendall Shawn IV and Aspen Bruckenheimer are super rich, schneefed out of their minds and ready to party on daddy's dime.

Dr. Armond

Can't stand your own dog's ugly face? Look no further than Dr. Armond- California's premiere plastic surgeon for pets.

Bobby Bottleservice

Entrepreneur. Record producer. Ladies man. Bouncer. MMA aficionado. Respectful to his mother. Bobby Bottleservice is very much many things.

El Chupacabra

Weekday mornings on Radio KPBA102 you can catch El Chupacabra's muy hilarante talk show featuring unforgettable characters such as "goat" and "baby."


Cooler than all the cool kids at school, C-Czar is a seventeen year-old toilet baby from Alhambra with a lip ring and a way with the ladies.