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New York Comedy Festival

Asif Ali

Asif Ali is a handpicked favorite from some of the top comedy bookers and casting directors working today. From his stand-up in the U.S. and internationally, to his many outstanding acting roles, Asif is one of the fastest rising entertainers today.

Growing up as a young East Indian in Arizona, Asif can tell you first-hand how life was, trying to explain his background to his friends. His trademark stage personality and storytelling performance has been featured at the FOX Showcase and CBS Sketch Showcase. In addition to performing at over 100 colleges/comedy clubs, Asif has performed shows in many countries overseas.

When he is not on stage, you can catch him on hit shows such as ABC's "Modern Family," CBS' "NCIS," NBC's "Up All Night" and CBS' "The Young and the Restless." In addition to booking many pilots/films in the past, Asif Ali has been cast as a series regular in the new ABC Family pilot "Continuing Fred" alongside Dan Castellaneta.

Whether it is stand-up or acting, Asif Ali is sure to entertain a crowd with his likeable personality and stellar performance.

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