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Allison Williams

ALLISON WILLIAMS is a co-lead in HBO's critically acclaimed Judd Apatow/Lena Dunham television series, GIRLS. The poignant comedy is about four friends living in Brooklyn a few years out of college. It debuted on HBO in April 2012 and was nominated for a Best Comedy Emmy. Season two premieres January 13, 2013.

GIRLS chronicles the transition from college to adulthood for these young women, as they do their best to navigate the treacherous waters of careers, relationships, finances, and friendships. WILLIAMS plays "Marnie," a young woman who seems to have her life figured out. She is in a committed relationship with a wonderful man; she has a steady job and income; she is driven, intelligent, and ambitious; and she is the glue that holds her friends together. As the series unfolds, however, she will learn the importance of losing (and relinquishing) control.

In April 2011, WILLIAMS starred as Kate Middleton in a four-part, self-written original mini series for called "Before Happily Ever After...Will & Kate."

In Spring 2010, WILLIAMS graduated from Yale University. Afterwards, she began working on a video that released on YouTube in October of 2010: "Mad Men Theme Song...With A Twist" ( She moved to Los Angeles just before releasing the video, which quickly became a viral sensation and garnered much attention in the blog and entertainment world. Among the video's fans were Judd Apatow and the executives at HBO, who, upon seeing the video, reached out to WILLIAMS for an audition for GIRLS. Ironically, within a month of moving to Los Angeles, WILLIAMS was back in New York, filming the pilot episode.

While she may have found success quickly, WILLIAMS has been honing her craft for years. She has been involved in theater since an early age, and while at Yale she refined her improv skills as a member of the improvisational comedy group, Just Add Water. She graduated with a BA in English, and is trained in acting and singing as well.

Born and raised in Connecticut, WILLIAMS declared to her parents at the age of four that she wanted to be an actress. Brian and Jane Williams – who required their daughter graduate from college before pursuing an acting career – are both involved in the media. Jane has a weekly radio show on Bloomberg radio called "Bloomberg Edu" which discusses the education issues in the United States. Brian is the anchor and managing editor of NBC Nightly News. WILLIAMS enjoys singing, improvisational comedy, and writing fiction. She currently splits her time between Los Angeles and New York City.

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