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Bill O'Reilly

It's a long, hard race, and an ever growing number of wannabe competitors has crowded onto the track these last dozen years. But thanks to some 5 million of you cheering us on nightly, once again we lead the pack.

Bill has a crowded life. In addition to The Factor, there's this official website to overse and weekly opinion columns to deliver to more than 300 newspapers. Plenty of personal appearances with Factor family members like Glenn Beck and Dennis Miller. And books to write.

Take the books: After five non-fiction volumes and a deeply personal memoir called A Bold Fresh Piece Of Humanity, Bill (working with historian Martin Dugard) most recently wrote and released Killing Lincoln. In Newsweek, an article by Peter Boyer said it marked "a bold, even fresh, literary turn." Killing Lincoln is indeed real, and it's riveting. A factual, historical thriller, designed to keep you moving through page after page. No one should have been surprised by this literary turn from Bill. After all, it's history. And Bill studied history, taught it in high school, for years has surrounded himself with historical artifacts, and The Factor takes a clear-eyed look at history-in-the-making every night. The book, the teaching, the interest, the show-all of it delivered in Bill's unique "No Spin" way. It's always been his commitment to you.

Bill's beginnings are well known. A childhood on Long Island. BA (in history) from Marist College, a Master's in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University, and a second Master's degree in Public Administration from Harvard's Kennedy School of Government. There have been many awards and honors along the way, as well. But the biggest reward is from you-when you watch The Factor, read the column or books, or come here to enjoy

Of course, the race isn't over; Bill isn't taking a victory lap just yet. There's still plenty of ground to cover, and O'Reilly isn't slowing down, or looking over his shoulder. Only ahead. Though he still takes brief naps when he can.

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