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Acclaimed drummer, DJ, producer, culinary entrepreneur, and member of the The Roots - Ahmir “?uestlove” Thompson, is making his way into the culinary world with ?uest Loves Food and his signature "Love's Drumstick."

?uestlove is the unmistakable heartbeat of The Roots, Philadelphia’s most influential hip-hop band. Beyond that, this Grammy award-winning musician's indisputable reputation has landed him musical directing positions with everyone from D'Angelo to Eminem to Jay-Z.

He is the Musical Director for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and his beloved Roots crew serves as house band.

?uest Loves Food begins it's culinary quest with off-premise catering, featuring Creole and Korean inspired soul food with a focus on locally sourced ingredients and "on-a-stick" decadence, for hi-profile exclusive events.

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