Exclusive - Please, Just Like… Don't: How to Protest

04/07/2017 Views: 4,206

Eliza Cossio breaks down the basic rules for how to protest effectively. (2:32)

- Hey, everyone.

There have been a lot of protests lately,

which is great for democracy,

and even better for my Tinder matches.

Cool, you're only 50 feet away?

I'm over here in the pink hat.

You'll see me!

But when you have thismany protests going on,

you wanna make sure you're doing it right.

- Isn't there another better smarter way

to protest all of this?

- There are ways to protest and ways not to protest.

- What would be a permissible way to protest?

- Is this the right way to protest?

- So, what's the hot way to protest?

Today we'll find out on Please, Just Like, Don't.

Protesting is about getting attention to your cause.

All you have to do is just sit or stand somewhere,

and make sure there arethousands of people around you,

which, already sounds like my typical Friday night.

I have friends.

But there are somethings that you have to

just, please, just like, don't do,

like what this journalism teacher did at a protest

at the University of Missouri.

First, you're a journalism teacher.

Reporting on somethingis how journalism works.

That's what they teach you in journalism school.

Right? Is that right?

And don't you want media coverage?

The whole point of protesting is to get attention

to your cause; otherwise, it's just gonna be this!

Hey, other protesters, do you see me protesting?

Yeah, I see you protesting!

All right!


Here's another thing you shouldn't do.

Whatever the hell NancyPelosi is doing here.

(crowd cheering)

- Not only do Irepresent Indiana's 7th

Congressional District very proudly,

but I happen to be a Muslim.

- OK, you cannot be an ally to people

if you're tryingto control them.

Just let them talk, and you be supportive.

Don't make it so obvious that

you're parading this person around.

And, it wouldn't be aPlease, Just Like, Don't

without a celebrity cameo!

- I have thought an awful lot

about blowing upthe White House.

- So, maybe, when you're protesting,

just assume you're not Madonna,

and, in general, don't talk about blowing things up.

I mean, even ISIS, it's like, ugh,

whoa, lady, that's a little extreme.

Maybe just start with calling your congressperson?

Will do.

Thanks, ISIS.

Remember, there's no I in protest.

There's also no asshole in protest.

So next time you're thinking about breaking these rules,

please, just like, don't.

(grungy electronic music)