Trump's Habit of Firing the People Investigating Him

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After Donald Trump fired several officials investigating him, Hasan Minhaj asks dismissed federal prosecutor Preet Bharara whether the president has obstructed justice. (5:53)

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Now with any newadministration,

it is normal for there to bea lot of turnover.

But the question raised by someof Donald Trump's firings

is whether they are normal

or whether he's illegally tryingto protect his own interests.

Because in addition to famouslyfiring the head of the FBI,

he also fired U.S. Attorney

and Indian Al Gore,Preet Bharara,

under allegedlysimilar circumstances.

TV REPORTER: U.S. AttorneyPreet Bharara refused a request

from the Justice Department that he step down

and then tweeted that he got fired.

You have two individuals who arein a position to be involved

with an investigation involvingthe president.

Mr. Comey was with the FBI.

They were running aninvestigation into Michael Flynn

and any Russia connectionto the election.

Mr. Bharara, in the SouthernDistrict of New York,

had the ability to investigateTrump University,

and maybe other claims relatingto conflicts of interest.

You know, it must suck,but also be kind of cool

to get fired by Trump,because firing people

is, like, his signature move,you know?

It's like if you got AIDSfrom Charlie Sheen.

You don't want AIDS,you don't want AIDS,

but you can still be like,"I don't want to brag,

but this is famous AIDS."

And like I said, the presidentcan fire whoever he wants,

but some folks say these firingsare obstruction of justice.

So is that fair or is this just,

as Donald Trump would call it,

a witch hunt, exclamation point.

Well, luckily, we have a littleinside information,

because Hasan Minhaj sat down

with Preet Bharara himself.

MINHAJ: Using my brown illuminati connections,

I landed an interview with Trump's most famous

Indian-American fire-ee,

former U.S. Attorney, Preet Bharara.

I keep acting like I know whatobstruction of justice is.

I have no idea what that means.

Fundamentally, if someonewith corrupt intent

tries to influence or impedean official proceeding,

like an investigation,that's unlawful.

Let's talk about loyalty.

Trump saysthat he wanted loyalty.

What's wrong with that?

You serve at the pleasureof the president,

but you do not servethe president.

You serve the publicand your oath

and the Constitution,and that's it.

So, loyaltyto the Constitution--

that's your thug life.

That's what you havetatted on your chest?

No, it is nottatted on my chest.

It's more-more in my mind.

That is so gangster!

No, it's not gangster,

it's... anti-gangster.

MINHAJ: And sure, Trump called Bharara three times

and invited him to swing by his golden penis rectangle,

but obstruction of justice hinges on Trump's intent

and whether Bharara's office had an open investigation

into Trump's affairs.

I'm not sayingthere was one or not.

But it would...

theoretically fall to my office.

Between his electionand your firing, how many times

did you personally speakwith Donald Trump?

Uh, three times.

Out of the 93 U.S. attorneys,

how many besides you personallyspoke with Donald Trump?

I-I'm not aware of any.

Which means one thing:

Donald Trumpis in love with you.

That would explain a lot.

MINHAJ: Unfortunately, Preet won't have time for romance,

'cause he'll be too busy looking for a job.

What are you doing to getyourself back on your feet

now that you'rean unemployed drifter lawyer?

As I said, I'm a distinguishedscholar in residence at NYU.

Do you got a minuteto do some pro bono work for me?

Uh, um, it dependson what it is.

All right, just answer me.

Is it illegal...

to look this good?



Is it illegal...

to be this fly?


Is it illegal to lie under oath

about meetinga Russian ambassador

at the Mayflower Hotel?

-No comment.-Sick.

Though Preet has been reduced to begging for pro bono work,

he may have insightinto the fate of our democracy.

This is a very important issue,

and we cannotrush to any conclusions.

Is this a witch huntor certain impeachment?

Yeah, so I-I don't thinkit's either one of those things.

Bob Mueller'sthe special counsel,

and maybe it will amountto something very significant

and maybe it willamount to nothing.

And, whether you're a haterof a lover of Donald Trump,

you should be comfortablewith what the conclusion is.

Oh, come on, just tell mehow the season ends.

-Can't-can't do it. -'CauseI'm... We're, like, 200 days in,

and I just can'thandle it anymore, man.

Look, justicecan't be binge-watched.

That's great.

I loved... Give thatto camera, right there.

Hit it.

America, justicecan't be binge-watched.

MINHAJ: All right, Preet has a future in memes,

but I need help with a bigger issue.

My parents always wanted meto go to law school.

But then, when you got fired,

my dad was watching CNNand I was like,

"Look, that'swhat happens to you

"when you go to law school.

-You end up unemployed."-I'm not unemployed.

-How many times do I have totell you? -No, that's what...

-I got a job in, like, ten days.-That why I called my...

No, no, no, I called my parentsand I had it...

Russ, just bring it in.So I want you to tell them...

-Okay... -Mom, Dad,this is the unemployed lawyer,

-Preet Bharara. -Hi, Hasan.-I'm not unemployed.

-So, he has no job.-Hello, unemployed lawyer.

I have a job.We're at my job.

Just let 'em know...Just... just read off...

just read off of this.

"I went to a fancyivy league school

"and now I'm unemployedand eat expired yogurt

-"out of a Dumpster.-Oh... -Oh, no.

"If only I had notgone to law school

"and became...a comedian instead,

"my parents could be proud.

"If only I couldbe like Hasan Minhaj,

"whose new Netflix specialcritics called


"instead of an out-of-work...

"lawyer loser...

"with no job...-No.

who brought shameto his family."

-I have a job. I told youI have a job. -That's it.

Love you, Mom.I'll talk to you soon. Bye.

I only hope that someday this scrappy law grad

can get back to work.

I have a job.

(bleep) distinguishedscholar at NYU.

Thank you, Hasan.Hasan Minhaj, everyone.

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