How Trump Ended Up in Bed with Russia

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Jordan Klepper asks former KGB operative Jack Barsky to analyze the relationship between Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin. (5:23)

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What's clear is that,at a minimum,

Trump and Putin havea very close relationship.

Which, when you're dealingwith a former KGB agent,

can be a dangerous thingin itself.

In fact,Jordan Klepper has more.

KLEPPER: The news has been all over this Trump-Russia story

like flies to borscht.

-...Russia scandal...-...Russia scandal...

The Russiansare attacking our country.

I must break you.

To figure out what the hell is going on,

I met with an ex-KGB spy, Jack Barsky.

Born Albrecht Dittrich in East Germany.

Recruited by Russians.

Spied on the U.S. for ten years.

Later defected.

And never forgets an anniversary.

I was meeting him at a location no one would ever suspect.

Jack, you're ex-KGB.

I am. I was.

(speaking Russian)

That was the CIA, the FBI,the NSA and what have you,

all rolled upinto one organization.

In other words...

he was a mother-(bleep) Russian spy.

What wereyour weapons of choice?

-There were no weapons.-Gadgets.

There was reallyno gadgets involved.

What about that drone?

That's not mine.It's got to be yours.

Is that our drone.DP's nowadays are always looking

for a new--can we just cut the drone?

-We need to get ridof the drone. -(groans)

Maybe there weren't drones, but Barsky did have

a few spy techniques he was willing to share,

like how to check whether your mail was open.

You open this with steam,and then you close it again.

Marking a wall with chalk to secretly communicate.

Casually go around here,and bingo,

there's the sign.

And how to burn paper with minimal smoke.

They taught youhow to burn paper?

-Yes. -I think I knowwhy we won the Cold War.

What the (bleep) kind of spy is this guy?

I was, uh, trained to besort of the intellectual spy,

the guy who befriends other people,

finds out about who they are

and can they bepotentially recruited.

Gets into, uh,places of employment

where they can have accessto secrets and so forth.

Part of becoming a spyis just building relationships.

-Talking to people.-Right, right.

I will cultivate you over time.

We'll become friends.

We play golf, we play tennis,

and eventually you'lllet your guard down.

KLEPPER: Now this sounds familiar.

So how in bedis Trump with Putin?

Like, just the tip or even more,something that we're--

no one's comfortable with?

I think he's been playing intohis hands in some way.

The end game isto create destabilization

as much as you can in-in,amongst the western camp,

to make Russia relevant again.

-Make Russia relevant again.-Great again.

Great again.You can put it on a hat.

You wouldn't even haveto change the color.

KLEPPER: And your target doesn't get any easier than Trump.

You just need to be his BFF

and he's orange putty in your hands.

You become friends,you get to know people.

KLEPPER: Treat him to a fancy Vegas dinner.

TV REPORTER: The behind-the-scenes video

shows then-businessman Donald Trump hanging out

with the man now at the center of the Russian controversy.

KLEPPER: Make him part of your birthday celebration.

Emin, I can't believeyou're turning 35.

KLEPPER: And ask him to sit next to you at a state dinner.

What's the difference betweenspying and dating?

Oh, they have a lot in common.

You just walked into this bar,right, and I'm sitting here.

And says,"Hi, how are you doing?

"Oh, you like vodka?I like vodka too.

What do you think, what do youthink of the Russians?"

You strike up a conversation.

KGB was just like Tinderbefore Tinder.

KLEPPER: How could the key to this whole Russian scandal

boil down to loose lips and mingling?

Well, our floozy president might give intel for free,

but I'm a safety deposit box full of secrets.

How would you get informationout of me?

Uh, let's have a few drinks.

Let's loosen your tonguea little bit.

I'm not that easy, okay?

I can hold my liquor.

Well, then, you're one of thoseimpenetrable sons of bitches

that, uh,that I can't deal with.

I'll drink to that.

Good for you.

KLEPPER: Get ready to be disappointed, Mr. Ex-KGB Spy.

-To your health.-I could use it for my health.

You got problems?

Yeah, the doctor said I haveHPV shingles.

Ugh, Na Zdorovie.

When I was in college,I worked as a waitress

at Chippendalesto just try to...

-You said waitress?-What?

Do you drink Negronis?

I (bleep) love Negronis.

Here's a funny thing.

I joined NAMBLA 'causeI thought it was Mensa.

(both laughs)

Do you know what they doat NAMBLA?

Oh. Not good.

And then I just type inmy password.

At that point,if it's at an ATM machine,

then that's simply going to be,uh, just my birth date,

which is March 7th, 1984.

I sunk a boat.

Like just some dude's boat.

I sunk it.

I-I think, I think you needto have some more drinks.

KLEPPER: Maybe America's overreacting.

If Putin is anything like this guy, we're fine.

He's fun.

All right, now I got somethingon you.

What's that?


I see what you're doing.

You're becoming my best friend.


Thank you, Jordan.

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