Jordan Klepper Fingers the Pulse - Why Is President Trump Campaigning Again?

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At a rally for Donald Trump, Jordan Klepper gets a preview of what to expect during the president's 2020 re-election campaign. (4:25)

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You know, a lot of peoplecomplain that President Trump

doesn't do any work

because he spends allof his time on the golf course.

But that's not true.

He also spends timeholding rallies.

He had twojust in the last week,

one in Louisville last night,

and one in Nashvillelast Wednesday.

And as always,where there's a Trump rally,

there's Jordan Klepper.

As The Daily Show's only white guy,

I've been sentinto Trump country

to chronicle campaign rallies,

the inaugurationand victory tours.

But now I've been sent intosomething completely different.

NEWSWOMAN: ...the campaign rally in Nashville.

NEWSMAN: ...paid for by his 2020 reelection committee.

Campaign rallies. Again.

(heart beating)

KLEPPER:This is still happening.

Why is this still happening?

Because Donald Trump's the man.

And he's running for president

while he's president withoutdoing presidential (bleep).

Don't say that.

He's done a lotof presidential (bleep).

-I support him in 2020.-It feels like old times.

It feels like we're on thecampaign trail, doesn't it?

-It does.-It does.

Why are we stillon the campaign trail?

KLEPPER: Reason number one,

-(cash register dings) -he's making money

that goes straight into his campaign fund.

Number two, it's not a public event,

guaranteeing that these are his people.

In other words, a classic Trump rally

-full of misogynistic T-shirts. -Trump that bitch.

Minorities getting kicked the (bleep) out,

-and... -(bleep) Donald Trump!

Trump supporters like this

reacting to minority protesters.

We have named these guys theblack cocker roach ninjas.

-You're not even trying to hidethe racism anymore. -What?

-You're at a Trump rally, bro.-I know, right?

KLEPPER: But today's rally

is all about looking toward the future.

Who are we really gonna reallyrally around in 2020?

Who are we gonna lock up?

I guess, anyone that runsagainst him.

-So keep it loose.-Yeah.

So if Cory Booker decidesto run against him?

-Booker the crooker.-Is that based on anything?

-Or is this just kind ofyou're-you're -Well, no.

-throwing (bleep) againstthe wall? -It's ba--

No, it is based on something.

The Democrats are crooks.

-Who are we locking up in 2020?-Hopefully, Hillary.

-You're still onthe Hillary tip? -Yes.

-Definitely.-Wasn't that-- That's so 2016.

Donald Trump doesn't even wantto lock up Hillary in 2017.

I mean, you could startwith Obama.

Wh-What does Obama need to belocked up for?

Sedition and treason.

What did Obama dothat was treasonous?

Um, the guns that were soldin Fast and Furious.

Fast and Furious.

You're thinking of Tyrese,not Obama.


KLEPPER: But 2020's about more

than just locking up the opposition.

Well, we want to keep Islamout of this country

-'cause it's evil.-Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

There's goals to come over here

and make it like the Middle Eastis what they're trying to do.

-And that's happening?-I mean, I got a cousin

in Murfreesboro who's marriedto a Muslim

and that's--I know what they do.

They say in Murfreesborois about

-as Middle East as you can get.-I've read that they are.

KLEPPER: But maybe I'm being too hard on these people.

Surely they had some good ideas for our future.

What are the important issuesof 2020

that we needto really focus on today?

Well, we need to focus ongetting the homeless

off the streets,and get them in housing.

KLEPPER: Oh, thank God.

And Michelle, she--that's a man.

So do you th-- Who's? Wait.What did you say?

Michelle's a man.

-Michelle Obama is a man?-Yeah, a she-male.

Okay, what proof do you have?

You can see itall over the media,

in pictures and everything.

Even on the Ellen"Degenerate" show.

Th-- God, there's just so muchto unpack right here.

First of all, you watch Ellen?

No, no.I don't watch no lesbians.

KLEPPER: So even though this is a campaign rally,

apparently Trump is also using it as an opportunity

to sell his health care plan.

If Trump gets this through,

signs it,everybody will be happy.

But it's like the Obamacare,

-they shoved that down ourthroats. -Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.

Nobody didn't get a chanceto look that.

Are you just referencinganecdotal evidence?

It was pushed too fast.

It was less than a week,I can tell you that.

(laughing): That's not right,but it feels that way, right?

-Right, yeah.-Yeah, it does.

I'm gonna be honest,

I don't really know that muchabout Trumpcare, I guess.

Yeah. You think it's betterthan Obamacare?

Yeah, just 'cause it says Trumpin it.

Trumpcare sounds better.

Just, it literally sounds better?

Yeah, so if it sounds better,it is better.

-It's the Trump that's theimportant part. -Trump, yeah.

Well, as long as it says Trump,

you won't thinking abouthow bad it is.

There's a slogan for 2020.

As long as it says Trump,

-you won't be thinkingabout how bad it is. -Yeah.

KLEPPER: There you have it, America,

your rallying cry for 2020.

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