Back in Black - Unraveling Uber's Bad Publicity

March 7, 2017 - Judd Apatow 03/07/2017 Views: 40,442

Lewis Black weighs in on Uber's many scandals, from the company's alleged dismissal of sexual harassment complaints to its CEO's squabble with a driver over pay rates. (4:35)

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When a news story falls throughthe cracks,

Lewis Black catches it in asegment we call "Back in Black."

Back in my day, getting aroundtown was a pain in the ass.

But now, you just press a buttonon a phone,

and suddenly,you're in a Dodge Caravan,

with tiny bottles of water

too small to quench your thirst,

but just big enoughto ruin the environment.

I'm talking about Uber.

The $68 billion company

that has revolutionizedthe car service industry.

But it turns out someof their employees

may have trouble keeping theirhands at ten and two o'clock.

Uber is also facing claimsof sexual harassment.

A former Uber engineer,Susan Fowler,

outlining her timeat the company.

REPORTER (reading):

Fowler says fellow women engineers later told her

they had experienced the same problem

with the same supervisor.

(gasps)Surprise, surprise!

Someone who works with computersis a creep around women!

And the only thing worse

was the way the companyreportedly handled it.

Fowler said she immediately took screenshots

of these chat messages and reported him

to Uber human resources.

She says upper management called her manager

a high performer and they wouldn't feel comfortable

punishing him because it was "this man's first offense."

Didn't feel comfortableabout punishing him?

God forbid sexual harassment

makes upper managementfeel uncomfortable.

I haven't been this disgustedby something car-related

since I walked inon Herbie taking a dump.

But it's no surprisethat Uber didn't respond

to these claims faster.

It always takes these guystwice the time they say it will.

(coughs) I don't trustthat little car icon!

First it's over here.Then it's over there!

And now it's back there again!

Don't toy with me, asshole!

I'm late for Pilates!

But this typeof mismanagement makes sense.

Uber's been playingby their own rules for years.

REPORTER: More troublefor Uber this morning--

this time accusationsit is evading authorities

with its technology.

The New York Times reportsa tool called Greyball

uses data from the Uber appto circumvent officials.

First off, Greyball?

Thanks for stealingmy stripper name!

(coughs) So Uber dismissedsexual harassment claims

and evadedlaw enforcement officials?

Who the hellis running this thing?

An Uber driver got intoan argument with a passenger

who happened to be Uber's CEO.

REPORTER: At the end of the ride,

he also gets an earful from the driver.

Kamel tells Kalanick drastic cuts in Uber rates

have hurt him financially.

You know what...

So the CEO of Uber,

who is a billionaire,

just (bleep)on his broke employee

for wanting 20 cents moreper mile.

(scoffs)What a great boss.

He's ridingin each Uber individually

to tell themthey're not getting a raise.

Now, that's a dip(bleep)who goes the extra mile.

(cheering and applause)

And, by the way,

you're the CEOof a $70 billion company.

Why are you ridingin the bitch seat?

Now, in lightof Uber's bad publicity,

a lot of people have takento deleting the app.

That's why I've decidedto offer an alternative.

Introducing Lewber!

We're not justabout convenience.

We also promise youa nice, relaxing ride.

Uh, do you needan iPhone charger?

I guess I'm not just a cab--

I'm a (bleep) Apple Store!


I think you just foundyour first customer.

Lewis Black, everybody!

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