"Wonder Woman" Breaks the Invisible Ceiling

May 31, 2017 - Logan Browning 05/31/2017 Views: 43,154

Michelle Wolf breaks down why female superhero movies will still face unfair pressure at the box office, despite the success of "Wonder Woman." (4:04)

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Summer isright around the corner,

and that meansblockbuster movies,

huge stars,crazy special effects,

and $20 for a kernel of popcorn.

But this weekend's big releaseis Wonder Woman,

a hero so strong that she brokean invisible ceiling.

WOMAN: One film is breaking new ground.

Wonder Woman is the first feature film

about the comic book character

and the first comic book blockbuster

directed by a woman.

MAN: The movie is the first big-budget movie focused

on a female comic book character

in more than a decade.

That's right,and not only that.

It's alsothe only summer blockbuster

that Mike Pence isn't allowedto see without his wife.


For more on the expectationssurrounding this movie,

we turnto our own female superhero,

Michelle Wolf, everybody.

-(applause and cheering)-Oh, hi. Thank you. Thank you.

Michelle... you must be excitedfor Wonder Woman.

Hey, don't you tell mehow to feel!

But, yes,I'm actually very excited.

I love superhero movies.

Well, I mean, it's not justthat you love superhero movies.

Aren't you also excited becauseit's a female superhero movie?

You know? This is a-a winfor women, right?

Oh, yeah. See, that's the partI'm not excited about.

See, Wonder Woman is cool,

but everyone is putting waytoo much pressure on this movie,

like everything for women hingeson its success or failure.

You know when it will feellike women are equal

at the box office?

When we get to makea bad superhero movie,

and then immediately makeanother bad one.

Men get chance after chanceto make superhero movies.

No one left crappy Batman v Superman saying,

"Well, I guesswe're done making man movies."


And that movie was so bad.

It was the worst thingthat ever happened

-to Bruce Wayne at a theatre.-I-I don't think that's the...

-(laughter) -Anyway, I hearwhat you're saying.

I hear what you're saying,but... but let's be honest.

At least... at least Wonder Woman is finally a step

in the right direction.

Oh, yeah, but it's probably

only becauseHollywood ran out of ideas.

I mean, think about it.

Before they madea Wonder Woman movie,

there had been eight Batman movies,

five Spider-Man movies,

eight movies where we pretendVin Diesel is smart.


And then they were like, "Now should we make a woman movie?"

And they were like, "No, no, no.

"Come on, we have other ideas.

"I mean, how about a movie wherethere's a storm made of sharks?

And thenwe'll make four more of those?"

And then they were like,

"Okay, fine,we'll make one Wonder Woman."

God, this feels like the Netflixqueue of Axe Body Spray.


That's-that's a lotof guy movies.

But I guess I hearwhat you're saying.

I'll be honest.You know, when...

when women making filmsis no longer a big deal,

or even a story, I guessthat's when you'll be excited.

Oh, you know whenI'll be really excited?

Not just when we havefemale superheroes,

but when we have ugly female superheroes.

-(applause, cheering)-Like, ugly.


real grossies, you know?

Like men get.You know, like a Hulk or a Thing

-or a Nicolas Cage.-(laughter)

His forehead is huge!

Like, so ugly that you think...

that you thinkthat's her superpower.

Like, "Oh, do you kill criminalswith your face?"

"No, I stop time with my brain."

Wow. Michelle, I kind offeel bad for this hero now.

Don't. She gets laidall of the time.

Captain America. Thor.

Her dildo is Groot.

-(laughter)-And you know what it says.

-"I am Groot."Yeah, I know, I know. -Yeah.

Well, I-I guessuntil that movie gets made--

which is gonna be X-rated,by the way--

we... we do have Wonder Woman.

And the reviewshave been good so far.

But I guess whatI'm learning from you is

-even if it fails...-It's too bad,

but it doesn't reflect at allon women's ability

to make moviesand tell their own story.

All right, cool.That makes sense.

And then if Wonder Woman is a big hit...

It proves once and for allthat women are greater than men,

that we deserve to makeevery movie from now on,

we finally get to be president,girls rule, boys drool,

#herstory, and vibrating Grootsfor everybody!

Thank you, Michelle.Michelle Wolf, everyone.

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