David Cross - Returning to "Todd Margaret" and the Golden Mic

January 4, 2016 - David Cross 01/04/2016 Views: 26,476

Comedian Davis Cross explains why he returned to "Todd Margaret" for a third season and announces his first stand-up tour in six years. (5:47)

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Please welcome David Cross.

-♪ -(cheering)

A standing ovation?

-Just for you.-Standing ovation!

Ah. Crazy.

Oh. I'm kind of disappointed

that you didn't walk out naked.

I get that a lot. Um...

Just from-from Arrested Development, I feel like

-you were naked a lot.-(whooping)

-I, well, you... -Oh, you've gotsome fans who remember that,

They're like, "Yeah."

You completely misunderstand

the concept of never-nude then.

Because he would never be naked.

But, um... that--just for the folks at home--

that clip will be...it's okay not to laugh,

uh, 'cause thatwill mean nothing

if you don't knowthe first two series.

That's all. 'Cause it's nota very interesting,

on its own, clip. It's never...

it's not somethingI ever would have said

-oh, that's the to 20 secondsyou got to see. -Well, that's

what... I was-I was interested,and now I feel like...

I feel like now you-you're...I was interested.

But you did raise a valid thing,

and that is what are the firsttwo series about?

What is Todd Margaret about?

It's a weird show.

Yeah, the-the first two,uh, told the story

from the beginning,middle and-and an end.

And an end that we always knewwas gonna be there

and we had to get to it and then

that end, uh,just so happened to be

the-the, uh, explo...

uh, the apocalypse,the, uh, um...

Uh, Armageddon, I should say.

You realize you have not told mewhat that show is about.

You've basically donewhat you do in the show.

-I don't know what's going on.-It's... it's about, uh...

I mean, for those youwho don't know,

it's about a, uh,

uh, a horse farmer,horse breeder,

uh, who, uh, becomes trans,

uh, but doesn't, uh, doesn'tchange his gender

so much as tries to become

a horse. Uh...


Well, all right. See?

Well, you know.

That's the problem

-we face... -Everybody'swatching the show right now,

you understand that.

This is the magic-- everyoneis watching the show right now.

Uh, no, it's about a guy...

It's a guy who, uh, um...

Seriously, it was about a guywho was a horse,

then trans'd into a-a gentleman.



It wasn't that either! You guys!


Um... it's really funny.It's, uh...

This-this is weird though.I don't understand.

Like, I understand in Hollywoodand-and in the world of TV,

people want a thing to carry on,even when it shouldn't carry on.

-Mm-hmm.-But you guys blew up the world

-at the end of season two.-Right.

How do you make season three?

Well, that's a great question.

And I-I, uh, never foresaw

doing a third season.Didn't want to do it.

Wasn't interestedbecause the story was told.

And-and there was a-a...

there w... there wasa three-year, uh, gap

in between the end of series twoand then series three,

-and that was because,-Yeah.

again, it was overand I moved on.

And, uh, um... Emotionallyas well as physically.

And then IFC came to meand asked if, uh,

I'd do a third series.And I said no, uh...

-'Cause the world is blown-up.Yeah. -Yes, exactly.

I said... I mean,I was even, like, um...

You know, after the 100th personasked me, like, "Hey, man,

loved the show. Is theregonna be a third season?"

And I-I... No, how can there be?

And, uh...and-and IFC was like, "Well,

"what if it'sa post-apocalypse thing

or what if it's a prequel?"I was like, "No, no, no."

And, uh... And I said out of...out of, you know, courtesy

to them-- 'cause I do liketho-those people there a lot.

They're-they're really greatto work for. And, um, I said,

"I'll go and ask the otherwriters if they have any ideas."

Uh, and then I wrote, uh...I wrote to them,

and then about an hour laterMark Chappell,

one of the other writers,e-mailed me with this crazy idea

that was so great, I was like,

"(bleep), I got to go back toLondon for another eight months

and, uh... and do it."

Let's talk real quickabout your standup.

It's been a long time

since you've been out thereon the road.

Uh, yeah, I haven't...I haven't toured

-in, uh, uh... -Dusting offthe mike. You getting ready

-to go out there?-Yeah, my golden mike.

Uh, I-I haven't gone...

done a proper tourin six years.

-Yes. -And with that,ladies and gentlemen...

Where is my camera? Over here?Ladies and gentlemen...

You can use this onein the middle.

-I... What?-This one... this one in the...

Ladies and gentlemen,I'd like to announce

right here in frontof the United States of America,

I will be... Wait, over here?

I... Where's the... I will

be going out on a six-month tourinternational...

Wait, I should be looking here.Uh...

North America, Europe,and Australia.

-(cheering and applause)-(speaks indistinctly)

This isthe official announcement!

-It's the official announcement!-Official announ...

You don't take him serious,but he's very serious.

David Cross is going backon the road.

You're going to be out there.What's the tour called?

Uh, well, for the moment,it's called

Making America Great Again,and...

(cheering and applause)

Yeah. Let's do it!

-You know what...-Let's make America great again!

That, my friend,is a great name for comedy.

Todd Margaret will premiereon IFC on January 7.

David Cross, everybody!

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