Anthony Mackie - From Superhero Franchise to "Triple 9" All-Star Cast

February 23, 2016 - Anthony Mackie 02/23/2016 Views: 1,689

Anthony Mackie talks about playing superhero Falcon in the "Captain America" franchise and discusses his role as a police officer in the film "Triple 9." (5:02)

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Please welcome Anthony Mackie!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

My man.

(cheering continues)


Oh, yes, I've waitedfor this. Ah...

You say it like I owe you money.

Yeah, for real. For real!

-Welcome to the show, man.-Thank you for having me.

-This is fun. This is nice.-I appreciate it.

It's quite nice.

This is... Oh, thank you.

-I, uh, you know...-Renovated the place?

Yeah, yeah, just, you know,few things here and there.

-Nice skyline. So nice.-Yeah, yeah.

Got some people, also, you know?

-Yeah, yeah.-Potpourri!

(cheering, applause)

-The, uh...-Good group, good group.

You know what's weird for me is,you are a superhero now.

-Word.-Like, like, that's like a...

Does that ever...does that ever sink in?

You are a superhero. Like,when you walk through the...

do kids ever look at you and go,"It's the dude"?

Uh, no, because I'm married.

-I said "kids." -Oh, oh, yeah,with the kids, definitely.

-What did you think I said?-(laughter)

I was like, are kidsnot looking at you because...

No. No, you know, I'm married,so I'm like,

you come home, you're like,"Baby, I'm a superhero,"

-and she's like, "Trash."-Oh, you mean your kids.

-Oh, got it. Good.-Oh, you mean your kids!

-Yeah, my kids. -This was such aconfusing start to an interview.

'Cause I said,"What do the kids,"

and then you were like, the kids at the home kids...

-I'm talking about my kids.-Oh, man.

Oh, people at homewere just like,

-"What just happened there?"-No. People know.

-That was fun. -People know.That's what married people do:

they make babies.

-So you...-Only on the weekends.

Only on the weekends.

Let's talkabout the streets, though.

Oh, I'm in them streets.


-"In the streets"?-Mm-hmm.

Do the people go, "It'sthe dude, it's the superhero"?

All the time. But's always...

Like, I have a weird fan base,so, you know,

I go out, and it could beliterally a room full of women,

and they go,"La, la, la... Oh."

And there's one dude, and hegoes, "Oh, my G... (grunting)"


Like, really?I'm... I got dudes?

Like, dudes. Dudes.

I walked through the airportlast week,

this dude in TSA stopped,hold the whole line,

and the woman was like,"I don't care about him.

He ain't nobody to me.(gibberish)"

And he's like,"Oh, my... (grunting)"

-It's really weird.-I'm trying to figure out

what they're doing whenthey're going... (grunting)

That's why I've beentrying to figure out.

What is happeningin that moment?

(both grunting)


(grunting):Ah... I love you.

That's what they do.It's really weird.

That's superhero life, homie.

-Oh, man.-Hard in these streets.

Well, I won't makethat sound anymore, then.

Um, I, uh... No, man, it'sreally a big deal, you know?

-'Cause kids get to see you.-It is.

You got... your character'sgot weird superpowers,

though, in the movie, 'causeyou're Captain America's friend.

You know that your character

-originally can talk to birds,right? -All the time.

But I've never seen thatin the movie.

No, no, no, no, no,it's in there, it's in there.

-I've never seen that... -Nah,you got to watch the movie.

I suddenly drop it in there.

So, like,when I'm in my living room

and Cap and Black Widowcome to the door,

I open the door and I go...

-that's when I talk to them.-Oh, and then the birds...

-I call off the birds...-I feel like these are, like,

the extended scenesthat I've never seen.

No, no, no. It's in there.I just... I give little...

little hints, you know?

That's how I talk to my birds.

-Let's talk about Triple 9. -Yes. Great movie.

-Firstly... Oh, I'm supposedto say that. -Sorry. Sorry.

Talk about it, talk about it.

Great movie. Triple 9. Great movie. Really ama...

-Yep. That's right.-No, I mean this, guys.

This movie is... like, firstof all, the cast is insane.

I-I don't rememberthe last time I watched a movie

-It didn't cost that much.-where I was just like,

everyone, everyone,everyone knows everyone.

Like, you see the people,

and you're like,oh, that's the next...

and that's the next person,that's the next person.

-Word.-You're in an amazing cast...

of amazing actorsand it's an amazing story.

Why do you keep talkingabout how much it cost?

-No, I'm talking about the cast.-The cost?

-The cast. The cast! -It didn'tcost? Who told you about the...

-The cast.-(laughter)

-Am I trippin'? Am I trippin'?-The people who you act with.

The cast.

All right,I'm trippin', I'm trippin'.


-Oh, f... The "cast."-Oh, there we go!

-All right, all right!-(applause, cheering)

I didn't know whatyou were saying, brah.

I was trying to clear it up,'cause I was confused.

-But we back, we back. -Youreally gonna do me like that?

-No, no, no. No, no, no. -Youreally gonna do me like that?

-I ain't from here.-Okay, okay, okay.

No, it's a cost,it's a good cost, good cost.

(American accent): How wasthe cast in the movie, Anthony?

They were great, man.It's a great cost of people.

-(laughter)-And, uh, we had a good time.

And I knew,once I got cost in this movie...

-(laughter) -it was gonna bea brilliant situation

of costingfor the costing director.


I didn't... I didn't understand,but we back, we right here.

-We right here. -You knowthis is black-on-black, right?

I know, I know, I'm saying...

You know what this is right now?

I didn't...I didn't understand you!

Now I understand you, brah.I got you, Trev.

Come on, man.Come on, I got you.

-Bring it back, bring it back.-Go and watch the movie.

It's got an amazing "cast."

Triple 9 will be in theaterson Friday.

Anthony Mackie, everybody.

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