Ben Stiller - The Layered World of Male Modeling in "Zoolander 2"

February 11, 2016 - Ben Stiller 02/11/2016 Views: 22,202

Ben Stiller talks about returning to the world of modeling in "Zoolander 2" and examines the original film's overlooked cultural influences. (5:00)

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-Please welcome Ben Stiller!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

(cheering continues)


-This is... this is magic.-Thank you.

-This is magic. This is you.-Nice to be here with you.

And congratulationson your new job.

Ah, thank you very much.I appreciate it, man.

Are you enjoying it?Are you having fun?

-Yeah, yeah, it's good,it's good. -Yeah. Cool.

-It's tiring but it's good.-Yeah.

It's not as tiringas your schedule.

-Yeah.-I've seen you everywhere.

You did, like, an amazingcatwalk thing in New York City

-where you...-We did... In Sydney,

we didon the Sydney Harbour Bridge,

yeah, Derek Zoolanderdid the highest catwalk ever.

-(laughter)-And so... it was pretty cool.

I love how you say itlike it's not you.

No, no, no, it was Derek.And then, uh,

and then Derek and Hanselwere in the store window

at Valentino in Romeas human mannequins.

-Yeah. -That wasOwen Wilson and myself

-as Derek and Hansel. Yeah.-This is...

this is such an epic story.

-You know what I wonder?-Yeah.

Do you think there's countriesout there that watch the movie--

'cause I've seen movies getdubbed into other languages--

-Right. -and they thinkyou're a real model?


Like, they could thinkthat this is just, like,

a story of modelsdoing their thing.

Um, probably very underdevelopedcountries, I would imag...

I mean, I... I can't imagine...

anybody wouldactually think that.

-But, I mean, they might not getthe layers of... -Yeah, yeah.

-I don't know. Who knows?-Do the, uh...

do the models in the movieget the layers?

Um, I don't think there...

-there aren't really that manylayers. -No, no, I just mean...

when people come--'cause you make a lot of fun

-of the modelsthat come into the... -Sure.

Like, do all of them knowthat the fun is...

I think so. I don't think...honestly, I don't think models,

and male models in particular,I don't they take...

modeling that seriously.

It's not something you, like,as a child, you go,

"I want to grow upto be a male model."

-(laughter)-Right? Right? I mean...

Like, now, everyone's like,"Yeah, of course not,

of course not, of course not..."

No. I mean... maybe you think,"I want to grow up

to play a male modelin a movie someday," but, um...

No, but, I mean, it's,you know, it's just, I think,

it's kind of a crazy job, right?

Yeah, it seems like a crazy job.

-Yeah. Did you ever?-Dream of a being a male model?

I feel like you could havedone that, in South Africa.

-Right?-No, actually...

-(cheering)-No, no, no. No.

No. You see,that's the mistake people make.

I was always the funny bestfriend with the awkward face,

and then my facefixed itself at 22.

I couldn't even geta date to prom.

This is...Don't feel sorry for me.

-(laughter)-Look where I am now.

Yeah, Sandy, yeah!Look who's here now!

No, but that's, like,'s a totally different thing.

-I'm the funny guy.-Right, right.

How did your face fix itself?What happened?

-I don't know.It just happens over time, -Wow.

-and then you go, "Huh."-Yeah.

That never happened for me.It never self-corrected.

-(laughter)-I was waiting to self-correct.

You've got thathandsome comedy vibe going.

-Thank you. -Oh, look...-(cheering)

Do you ever think to yourself

that you inventedthe selfie face?

Well, I was saying earlier,

-Derek existedbefore selfies existed. -Yeah.

When we did the first Zoolander, way back in aught-one,

it was... there was...

literally,there were no camera phones.

-Yeah.-So it kind of predated it.

But then I guess Derekwas sort of, like, made for...

-to take selfies.-Yeah, but that's the face

-everyone pulls now, is the...-Yeah.

Yeah, they call itthe duck face.

I mean, they call itthe duck face,

-but that was Blue Steel.-Right.

Derek had a lookcalled Foie Gras.

-It's very similar.-(laughter)

He's in litigation right now.

Oh, man.Here's a quick thing.

I guess I wonderwhen I watch that clip

of yourself with Penélope Cruz.

Who writes that into the script?

-(laughter)-Like, who goes, "Oh, and then

-"Ben Stiller grabs PenélopeCruz from behind -Right.

-Right.-and holds on to her breasts"?

Um, it wasn't Javier Bardem,I'll tell you that.


But he...but he did come to the set

-that day when we were shooting.-Oh, did he?

Yeah. I mean, we thought itwould be, you know... Me. Yeah.


(applause, whooping)

I was... I was gonna... yeah.

-You shot the film in Rome.-Yes.

-You got to meet the pope.-No, I didn't meet the pope.

-Well, they said you metthe pope. -No, no, no, no.

No. The... No.

-(laughter) -And now you soundlike I rubbed a sore spot.

No, no, no.No, we didn't meet the p...

But I got to meet the mayorof Rome, which was cool.

-I don't even know who he is.Like... -Um...

he is... he's actually a...

a liver transplant surgeon.

He's kind of likethe Italian Ben Carson.


Is he?Now I just pictured, like,

a really slow Italian Ben Carsonwho is like,

"We should have added the...the pasta.

Too much of the pasta."

-(laughter)-Oh, man.

Thank you so muchfor coming through.

Zoolander 2 will be in theaterson Friday.

Ben Stiller, everybody!

-♪ -(cheering, applause)

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